Doctor Invoice

An invoice, bill or tab is a professional document that provides knowledge of payment by the seller to the buyer for the exchange of products and services provided. Invoice is of much importance in a medical institution. Medical invoice is important for both who runs a small clinic or a standardized hospital.

Doctor’s invoice, Medical invoice or Medical bill is an invoice prepared by doctor, physician, medical expert for payment of services or treatments in detail provided to the patients by them at the discharge time specifying the amount of expenses.

  • Medical invoice not only provides information about transaction details about the patients but also keeps a record of patients for future use at the clinics and hospitals.
  • Similarly, Medical invoice also provides information about insurances of the patients and as well as the means to contact the patients in the hour of need.
  • In case patients want any kind of refunds and compensation Medical invoice is a must to have

Details included in Medical invoice:

  1. Date when the services were provided
  2. Payment
  3. Grand total or the total fee to be paid. (can be edited)
  4. Copay (can be edited)
  5. Insurance (can be edited)
  6. Contract (can be edited)
  7. Grand total (auto-calculates as = Total fee – Copay – Insurance – Contract).
  8. Patient information (height, age, medical history)
  9. Name of the doctor
  10. Mode of payment
  • A LOGO is mostly placed at the top of the invoice which illustrates the information and symbol of company, organization or clinic.
  • Mostly at the top right details about invoice number and date are mentioned
  • At the bottom, various checkboxes depict information regarding payment methods and its types. Signature and date field are used mostly for handwriting purposes

Medical care for infants, children, and teenagers:

For invoices where families are involved and children have a guardian, two type of information are mostly mentioned. One is ‘Bill to’- guardian (who pays the bill) and ‘ship to’- patient information

Medical invoice can further be divided into

  1. Medical Supply invoice
  2. Medical Cash invoice
  3. Medical services invoice
  4. Medical bill invoice

Most of the medical invoices today are computer based and are easily used by doctors.

Doctor invoice


Doctor’s Invoice Template

Download for MS Excel

Download for OpenOffice

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