Commission Bill (Invoice) Templates

The commission bill is primarily used to calculate the total commission. This formal document is issued on monthly basis. A commission bill is a very commonly used document that includes details about the market, payment modes, and sales representatives as well.

Whenever a transaction takes place in a business, the sales representative gets his commission. The commission to be given to the sales representative is calculated first.


The commission bill is usually issued by the sales representative who acts as a middle person between the buyer and seller.  In other words, the sales representative or agent is required to use the commission invoice in order to get the commission.

The commission bill template can be used by people who want to calculate the amount of commission with complete accuracy. Moreover, the template also saves time. The sales agent can readily send this invoice to the relevant person.

The template prepares the bill in such a way that it compels the clients to pay on time. Moreover, it ensures that the calculation of commission is completely accurate and error-free.

It is always recommended to use the template that provides a commission bill with a common format. The common format is usually a standard one and easy to follow. The details in the commission bill are almost the same as in other bills.

Elements of commission bill:

  1. Name of the company or individual issuing the commission bill
  2. The details of the item sold
  3. Commission percentage
  4. The selling price of the item being sold
  5. The exact amount of commission to be received
  6. The amount of tax to be paid
  7. Unique invoice number

It should be ensured that the commission bill includes all the important details so that any type of dispute in the future can be avoided. The commission bill template works effectively in providing an invoice with all the necessary details.

The template for the commission bill has some pre-defined formulas that are very helpful for the user in the calculation of the total commission to be paid. The template provides a professional looking highly useful template.


Commission bill template

The Template

Format: MS Excel (.xlsx)
[Restricted use]

A commission is an amount, that is paid to a worker upon accomplishment of an assigned task. The task is usually of selling the product in an effective way to gather profit for the related parties. It can be paid either as a percentage of a specific auction or a flat amount based on done purchased capacity.

To calculate commission in a comprehensive way, a commission invoice is used that handles every minute detail involved in dealing. A couple of details are to be taken care of while designing an invoice:

  • Company name
  • Organization whereabouts
  • Customer details: Name, Address, Contact Number, Email
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Payment terms
  • Material purchasing date
  • Description of goods
  • Price before adding commission
  • Price after adding commission
  • Commission amount
  • Gross Total

Benefits of Commission Invoice

Running a business involves competent management skills and lots of responsibilities. One of them is making a billing draft for products or services rendered by the customer. Just because it’s a tedious task, you cannot get away with this procedure or ignore its vitality because when it comes to auditing, you can have sound proof of your income for the concerned revenue services.

  • The Digital era has made it possible to eliminate the travel cost of checking and receiving pending invoices generated by a firm. You can easily manage the record in one place.
  • It aids in monthly financial reports and evaluations.
  • You can keep track of all transactions and expenses.
  • Unpaid commission amounts are highlighted and are a legal document, it holds greater importance in a law court for proof.
  • It assists you in the systematic processing of the bills.

A well-drafted invoice is all you need to clearly present your itemized charges. Our designs are made specifically for the vendor’s and purchasers’ benefit. If you are in dire need of the commission payment, for the sale of a certain product, you can easily download our sample. Enter all your details that are relevant to an invoice.

Through our studious work done over this amazing yet challenging prototype, we assure you the ease with which you can determine the contract success that was agreed upon by the buyer and the seller and the decided commission rate. Commission percentage to find out the right amount of cash gained on the auction price can also be adjusted on the document.

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