Employee Attendance Dashboard

To lead an organization, the attendance of the employees is one of the most important factors that should always be taken into account. The attendance dashboard uncovers every aspect of attendance that the employer may not be aware of.

What is an attendance dashboard?

An attendance dashboard gives people a broader view of the attendance of workers in the company. Employers can easily check the attendance of a particular person or the entire team on a given day or at any time of the year.

Employee attendance dashboard

Attendance Dashboard Template File

Who uses the attendance tracker?

In general, the HR department of the company has to manage human resources, and therefore, they check for the availability of people at work. It is their responsibility to make sure that not all the employees are absent from work at the same time. So, they use this tracker whenever they have to check the availability of employees in the probation period, the absences of the employees that were approved, and also the unapproved ones.

What are the common uses of the attendance dashboard?

Although the use of different dashboards varies from company to company, there are some very common uses for which every HR department of the company wants to consider using an attendance tracker. Below are some of the uses:

It keeps track of absent employees

The dashboard keeps track of all those people who are out of work. It can be those people who have applied for leave in advance and also those who have taken a day off without informing. This helps HR see the total number of employees, how many people are absent, and how the company is going to manage its operations. According to the data generated by the dashboard, different steps can be taken to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

It keeps an eye on breaks

The dashboard does not only check the availability of the employees due to full-day absence but also the availability of the workers who take breaks. This lets them ensure that all the people working in the company are working for the required number of hours and are not taking more than necessary breaks.

It records check-in and check-out times

The salary of the people is often calculated based on the check-in and check-out times. As soon as someone checks in or checks out, the time and data are recorded on the sheet. This also shows that the employee has worked extra hours. Then he is paid according to it.

The attendance dashboard is an effective tool for employers who want to control absenteeism at work. It also lets them see if there is fluctuation in absenteeism, and therefore, they control it because absenteeism has a strong impact on the health of an organization.

What does an attendance dashboard look like?

It usually contains grids and different aspects of absenteeism that can give valuable insight. The dashboard reveals the trends in attendance, showing how it goes up and at which particular part of the year it goes down. It also lets them determine the reason for the trends, whether good or bad, and puts the company in a position to make better decisions.

The Template

Many people consider using a template because it is easy to use and also provides a dashboard that is ready to use. It may not be accurate for every organization. However, it can be made more useful by editing it and customizing it into something more useful.

Usually, the template is available in MS Excel file format. Due to this, it is also used in determining statistics such as statistics of resignation, the number of people attending work, taking breaks, etc.

People who regularly use this tool are also able to predict trends in attendance. This helps them prepare themselves for attendance-related problems such as the absence of several people in front of the work at the same time. Due to this, nothing goes wrong and things run smoothly. If there is anyone who has worked overtime hours, he will also be paid according to the extra number of hours.