Employee Orientation Checklist Template

Orientations for new hires enable an organization to help its people integrate into the system of the company and develop friendships. As a manager, you better understand the importance of orientation for employees who are new to the workplace, and there is a high chance that they will struggle to understand the rules and principles of a new workplace.

What is an employee orientation checklist?

It is a comprehensive list of things to do to cover every aspect of orientation. It helps managers who want to perform orientation and introduce the workers of the company to the new system in an effective way. As every organization is different from another, there can be different steps in the process of orientation, and managers or employers might want to design the checklist according to their requirements and preferences.


How do you create a checklist for newly recruited people?

To create a comprehensive checklist that is useful and also makes new hires productive, you can follow the steps given below:

Talk to the employee

Before you start the onboarding process, you should first talk to the employee and inform them about how things work. This is very important for a new person, especially one who is introverted and doesn’t socialize much. The newly recruited person mentally prepares himself for the things he will have to confront in the orientation, and he prepares himself to give his best.

Consider the needs of the company

Every company carries out the process of orientation according to its own needs. Some companies like to encourage a culture of friendship among employees. However, some discourage it. So, if the needs of the companies are different, there can be a lot of differences as to how they perform orientation and what procedures they would like to see in the orientation session.

Include introduction details

This checklist should remind the manager about the things that should be included in the introduction. The introduction matters a lot, especially when a manager is trying to introduce one person to the entire staff of the company. He should try to add relevant details in the introduction and make sure that he does not say anything offensive to anyone.

Add completion of paperwork details

When it is the first day for an employee in the company, he will be expected to complete the paperwork that is essential before joining the company. This usually includes signing a contract with the company, providing supporting documents, signing other documents, and much more. The onboarding checklist reminds the manager of the company to be efficient and professionally perform the paperwork so that the company doesn’t face any problems in the future.

The developer plans to share the company’s details

In the orientation session, newly hired people are given a comprehensive introduction to the company. Although they must have got enough information about the company at the time of application, hearing it from the manager is a different thing. Mostly, the employee comes to know a lot from the manager.

How to use the orientation checklist template?

The orientation process is almost the same in every company but some organizations like to add a few more steps to it because they believe it is essential and sometimes they do it because they want to stand out. So, even if you find a readymade checklist for carrying out the orientation process smoothly, you will still have to work on it to make it aligned with the needs and requirements of your company.

If you get a template from the internet and you feel that it will be able to save you time, you can consider using it. However, remember that no template is going to fit your needs exactly. Therefore, going for a customizable template is important as it will allow you to add more steps to it and remove those that are not relevant.

When you have personalized a template and made it fit for your organization, it is ready to use. This checklist can then be shared with the other people when the employee is absent and wants someone else to carry out orientation on their behalf.

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