Project Completion Checklist

Completing a project on time is a basic requirement of a company, especially when it wants to be one of the most reputed companies. The completion of a project on time shows how responsible and professional a project team wants to represent itself. In addition, clients of that company also find it more trustworthy.

Some different tools and instruments are used by organizations to ensure that they are taking the project from start to finish easily and in an organized way.


Using a checklist has been very helpful for project teams, as it helps them stay on track and not miss anything critical for a project’s completion on time.

What is a project completion checklist?

It is an organized and structured document that is used by a project team to ensure that it completes the assigned tasks in an efficient way. There are also different requirements given by the client that a team needs to fulfill. In the end, the team reviews this checklist thoroughly to see if they have fulfilled all the requirements. This way, they can prevent many revision requests that may come from clients later on.

Every project checklist is different for different projects, as every project has a different complexity level and different requirements, and there are many other varying factors.

What are the advantages of the checklist for project accomplishment?

A checklist is used because of the benefits a project team can reap. A few of the benefits are being discussed below:

It is useful for the timely delivery of projects

One of the essential factors that must always be taken into account to consider a project successful is its timely submission. Many people submit a project but fail to do so on time. Due to this, they cause the client to face inconvenience. When they use a checklist, it keeps reminding them to complete the work in a given time, which is also mentioned in it. This way, a project is never late.

It ensures the project has met its objectives

Every project has some objectives to be met, and the client outlines those objectives. It is the job of the team to create and accomplish the project in such a way that it is aligned with the goals of the client that he wants to achieve. The checklist mentions all of the goals, and the team can check the project against all those goals to see to what extent the project is going to be successful.

It helps to see compliance

No matter what kind of project you have worked on, there are different rules and policies that it needs to show compliance with. If a project is to be launched somewhere, it should show regulatory compliance so that authorities will accept it and let it launch. The checklist keeps reminding the project team throughout the life cycle of the project to make it suitable for the authorities’ criteria to judge the project.

How do I create the checklist for project completion?

As explained earlier, every project is different, and so is its checklist. When you are creating a checklist, make sure that you take the following steps:

Get an understanding of the project

There are so many tasks related to an activity that a company has to consider to make sure that the project has reached its end successfully. However, you cannot create a checklist unless you have understood a project well. Try to understand its goals and the total time available, and then start working on the to-do list.

Consider all the resources

It is not possible to create a to-do list without considering all the available resources. This will ensure that there is no task on this list that is unachievable because of limited time or budget. This way, only possible and realistic tasks are added to it.

Divide the project into phases

Divining a larger task into smaller subtasks makes it easy to accomplish it. In addition, it is easy to monitor the progress when there are different phases and the boundary between each phase is clearly defined. Therefore, divide the project into tasks and subtasks and mention them in the to-do list in the same way.

Project completion checklist template