Mileage Expense Report Template

Some business activities involve employees traveling to different locations for the business. The employee may be driving in their vehicle for this activity which is for the company. The employee must get paid for anything that they have paid from their pocket for the business. This includes the fuel used for traveling to pursue some activity for the company.

For this, you will need to report the miles that you have traveled so that your company knows about this. The employee will need to professionally inform the company how many miles they traveled for it. A mileage expense report can help here.

Mileage Expense Report Template for Excel

What is a Mileage Expense Report?

The mileage expense report helps people whose traveling expenses get paid by their company. The report will keep track of the mileage that the person has traveled for the company for a specific period. It is a good tool for requesting get car allowance as well as mileage reimbursement from the company.

It will have sections that can include the employee name, employee ID, description of the vehicle, pay period, mileage rate, date, start location, destination, total miles, description, as well as total reimbursement.

What does a Mileage Expense Report do?

The mileage expense report will help the company know how many miles the employee has traveled for business purposes. They can then decide how much reimbursement the employee requires. The report can also let the company know whether an employee is spending too much on business travel and where to cut down expenses.

 The report enables the employee to professionally communicate the mileage they have traveled for the company so that they can get the right reimbursement for this.

Creating a report from scratch

If you want to create this report in a way that can properly communicate the mileage details, you can consider the following points:

Choose right application

You need to choose the correct application to make the report in so that it can be made professionally and so that you can easily communicate these details to the reader. Microsoft Excel can help you here because you can easily make tables and do calculations here.

Personal details

The reader needs to know which employee is sending the report and what it is about. This is why you can give it a heading like “Mileage Expense Report.” You can then enter the employee information like their full name and post. You will give details about the vehicle that was being used and the pay period.

Details about travel

You should enter the mileage rate that will be based on your area’s rate per mile. It is important to enter the date of travel because the reader will need to know this to make sure the travel occurred. It is necessary to state the description of every travel so that the company can know why the travel occurred for the business. The starting location along with the destination of each travel will have to be stated as well.

The total miles covered for every travel is important to include also. When you have entered the figures in the total miles column, the amount column will auto-calculate the mileage expenses for every travel. The mileage expense will be the product between the area’s mileage rate as well as the total miles that have been covered on the travel. The sum of the mileage expenses must be automatically displayed beneath the total reimbursement section.


To make the report valid, you can include areas where the employee along with the manager can enter their signature.

It is important…

This report is important as it is a formal and professional way for employees to let their company know whether they have traveled for the company and if they require reimbursement for the travel.

The report may be kept in the records of the company so that they can know where expenses are occurring. If the company wants to cut down costs it can see whether the travel expenses for the business are resulting in huge expenses for the company. This report communicates these details.

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