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Work orders are tasks assigned for a customer to an employee within the organization. A work order may be a request from a customer for new work, return, exchange, maintenance, or repair. Work order contains instructions on the job a customer wants to be done. In addition to the specifications or instructions, the work order may also include a cost estimate, list of jobs to be done, material specifications, date and time for starting and finishing an order, and a location for execution or delivery of the order.

Often a work order is detailed enough to also serve as an invoice. In order to also serve as an invoice, a work order must also include per hour or per week rate as well as the name of the person to whom the job is assigned.  There are many different types of work orders depending on the nature of the task:


Construction work order – this is a work order given to a construction company or organization for building something.

Maintenance work order – Maintenance of property and equipment is often carried out by their owners. Maintenance may be due to malfunction of machinery or equipment. Often companies or individuals may also carry out periodic preventive maintenance works such as servicing of machinery, servicing or cleaning of air conditioners and servicing of automotive machinery. In such cases also, if the work is to be outsourced to another entity, a maintenance work order will be sent to the company which is expected to perform the task.

Repair work order – A repair work order is given when something needs to be fixed or repaired. An individual or company will send a work order stating what needs to be repaired and when does the repair work need to start.

Automotive work order – An automotive work order is sent to a mechanic or automotive repair company for the repair of automobiles and their parts.

Sales order/purchase order – a sales order is an internal document generated by the organization to document a purchase order sent by the customer. A purchase order is an external document sent by the consumer to the seller for the purchase of goods/services required by the customer.

A work order must not be confused with a job order. A job order is a separate internal document that states the quantity of material to be used, the type of material to be used, the types of labor to be used and the machine hours to be input into a job.  A job order is usually created internally by an organization after it has received a work order.

Work orders are prepared and sent as part of the formal documentation process between the customer and a business. Work orders are prepared and sent by the customer.

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