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If you are concerned about your health problems and want to keep track of all your medical issues smoothly then keeping a compiled medication record is the best option to keep records of your health-related issues. This record can be presented to your physician and pharmacist whenever required.

You may be consulting with more than one physician regarding your disease and you are using several medicines. To ease your medication hazards, Medication Record is maintained properly. It is good to Keep track of your medication on a daily basis.

Patient medication log is used in the medical field to keep a record of the drugs administered to a patient by the administered doctor.

The log is a permanent and a legal document. It is prepared and filled by the prescriber and the patient together during a patient’s visit to the doctor, and is reviewed each time. This PML is usually provided to patients with some chronic and complicated disease which requires several visits to the doctor along with a complex routine of medicine intake.

Importance of Patient Medication Log:

  • The patient medication log gives details like name, age, sex, address, contact number of the patient and the doctor too, thus making them both easily approachable when needed.
  • This tool is very helpful to patients as it helps them to remember when, where, why and how to take their medicines. Thus any dose of medicine cannot be skipped.
  • It helps the patient complete understanding of why the prescribed medicine is important.
  • It reminds the doctor and patient if any medicine is changed during the treatment.
  • It helps track a patient’s medication, vitamins and herbal supplements used.
  • Along with medication, a patient medication log tells about the doses as well.
  • Patient medication log allows the prescriber to document all the important information associated with a patient’s health.
  • It tracks medication side effects if happens.
  • This log helps the lawyer if a patient is not satisfied with his treatment and wants to pursue a case against the healthcare provider.

Medication log can be divided into three main categories:

Daily Patient Medication Log:

This medication log is specifically designed for a single day and needs to be filled each day to track down the medication prescribed by the doctor.


Weekly Patient Medication Log:

Doctors provide this medication log to track the usage and doses of the medication on a weekly basis. After a week a patient sees the doctor again, and for further treatment changes in the medicines and doses can be made if the doctor prescribes.

Monthly Patient Medication Log:

Monthly medication log is to track the medication of a patient for one month or more. This is usually prepared and filled for patients with more chronic diseases.

Medication log template keeps track on your computer and can be quick and cannot be lost.

To do these comprehensive online free templates is present. You can choose the template you like and download it to your computer, Just fill in your drug information under a specific category and take a print if needed by the physician or pharmacist. You can create additional space to record the necessary changes in dosage, timings, side effects or changes in symptoms. It also can be used as a reminder by nurses to give medication to assorted patients.

A simple procedure to use this log template is to fill in the name with some specification of the patients. Then the drug name with dosage are listed in case of emergencies, Those doctors and pharmacy information are also required by using these templates you can modify each and every listed thing according to your choice. If you have not recorded your medication dosage on a daily basis, try using these templates to note your medication details.

Medication log template

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Medication Log Template

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