Gas Mileage Worksheet Template

A worksheet is defined as a paper or document which is used for various purposes. It might be used as a quiz of problems for kids, recording and planning accomplishment of a business or collecting financial documents. Its definition depends on its usage in different avenues. Over the years, worksheets have gained enormous recognition because of its easy use and maintainable feature.

Worksheets can be used by all regardless of rank, status, and workplace. It can be used by housewives for organizing a grocery list Whereas students can use it for solving puzzles and problems. Thus, worksheets find their application in every domain of life.


Vehicles are used extensively for movement from one place to another. They make these movements smooth, easy, and comfortable. These vehicles are run by fuel either in the form of liquid or gas. Maintaining a vehicle is not an easy task as there are many aspects of its functioning that should be working smoothly for a comfortable drive. They are taken care of all their faults at service stations.

Gas mileage is defined as the number of miles travelled compared to the gallons of fuel or gas used. It is measured as miles per gallons and provide an idea about the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Gas mileage of new vehicles is more as compared to old vehicles i.e., new vehicles travel more miles in less fuel.

Gas mileage worksheet provides a detailed reading about the miles travelled and the gallons of gas used. It can be devised for a week, month, or year. Mostly, gas mileage worksheets are used for budgeting and allocating a specific amount for filling up the tank for a month.


Gas mileage worksheets have gained enormous recognition because of use and details that can span over a month or more. Significance of these worksheets can be evaluated from following points,

  • These worksheets can be adjusted according to one’s requirement. Addition of more column for adding more information is upon the choices of the individual.
  • These worksheets can be made for a month but can also expand for a year or more depending on the requirements of individual.
  • They are easy to maintain and are mostly error proof.
  • Because of their easy use, they can be used by any individual.
  • Money spend on fuel for a month can be allocated for next month while budgeting.
  • A glance at gas mileage worksheet can provide a lot of required information.
  • Data is entered in an organized manner.

Gas mileage worksheets are easy to design and can be smaller or larger for including more information. These worksheets can be customised easily by any individual.

Data is entered in columns. Number of columns indicates amount of information required from gas mileage worksheet. It can include columns for odometer reading at the start and end of trip indicating total number of miles travelled, gallons of fuel used, date of filling fuel tank and total amount used for filling the tank.


Sample of gas mileage worksheet is given below,

Odometer startOdometer endingGallons of gasDate of filling fuel tankAmount used
Gas mileage worksheet template

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