Farm Equipment Maintenance Log for Excel

With advancements in technology, new methods and equipment are invented every day to make lives easier. Technology and its product have completely changed the horizon and people from primitive times would not be able to recognize the modern world. Every aspect of life is touched by technology in one way or the other and provides means to make lives more comfortable and calming.

The field of farming has also been affected greatly by the technology as new equipment is generated each day that making the tiresome process of farming relatively easy. From involving humans at every step, work is performed efficiently by machines with the advantages of less time and efficient work. Many farming equipment that have revolutionized this field include,

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Harrows
  • Plows
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Balers
  • Seeders
  • Sprayers
  • Mowers
  • Cultivators
  • Racks

There is much equipment used for various functions and have proved their worth over time. Still, much equipment is in the process of being manufactured and is under research.

A farm equipment maintenance log is a worksheet used by organizations and groups to maintain a record of equipment. It allows analyzing the status of each piece of equipment in the inventory thus, making work easy for many people. Maintenance logs are also found for maintaining farm equipment because this equipment is very expensive and requires proper care for better functioning.

The maintenance log serves its purpose by including all the information of equipment and how it has been used. All the material pertaining to farm equipment i.e., location, brand, design, manufacturer, model, price, and other valuable information is mentioned in the logs. The addition of users on daily basis is also added to the daily list to make sure the accountability of every piece of equipment.


The productivity of every business depends on the functioning of equipment provided by them to their customers. The maintenance log helps in keeping equipment in a good working condition for good functioning.  Significance of maintenance log for farm equipment can be highlighted from following points,

  • It helps in minimising the repair cost of equipment as it is difficult and costly to maintain poor equipment. Maintenance logs provide idea about the tests performed on the equipment and maintaining their state. If any equipment requires special attention, then it is noted in the log.
  • All the maintenance logs include detailed information about every equipment i.e., model, brand, warranty, capacity etc. It helps in warranty claims as well because log suggest the warranty of any equipment and it is known that faulty equipment is not due to the negligence of user.
  • Workplace safety is dependent on the condition of every equipment. Logs helps in identifying any equipment that can pose serious problem or is considered a security threat.
  • Resale value of better functioning and well-maintained equipment is quite appropriate.
  • If functioning equipment are provided to anyone and they are not returned in similar condition, then the holder or user can be held accountable for their mishandling.
  • Maintenance logs provides a history of good equipment and that require minimal tests for better functioning.
Farm equipment maintenance log