Visitor Registry Book Template

Every workplace is different and has different expectations from its employees. It is crucial for an employee to understand the work environment because it greatly influences productivity. Some workplaces have an easy setup for their employees and allow them to enjoy themselves by keeping restrictions to a minimum while others follow certain rules and regulations very seriously.

Registry book as an important tool…

A visitor registry book is an important tool for capturing who is going in or coming out of your workplace or any other facility. It is typically a record book that includes the information related to every visitor such as their name, their representative company, time of entrance and exit, the purpose of visiting, and the name of the person whom they came to visit.


Every working facility provides maximum security to its employee because their lives are precious. There are two types of visitor registry books maintained at any workplace e either they are paper-based or digital.

Paper-based logbooks…

Paper-based visitor logbooks are found at the front desk and include forms that are either filled by the visitors or the receptionist. These forms gather basic information about visitors like their name, contact information, and the reason to visit a particular person. These logbooks can be altered by anyone and do not provide maximum security.

Digital logbooks…

Digital logbooks are technology-driven logbooks and are maintained by the professionals. They provide good security by gathering digital information about the visitor such as capturing their picture, biometric entrance, QR code powered in, etc. The use of the latest tools ensures more security and is preferred over manual logbooks which can be altered easily.

Maintaining a logbook…

Maintaining a visitor registry book is very important for many reasons. It should be implemented at every workplace for the following reasons,

  • Safety and security of staff and valuables are paramount therefore, everyone unknown entering should provide all information about themselves.
  • It helps the administration in knowing what their employees are up to.
  • During an emergency, it is crucial to evacuate visitors as per mentioned in the visitor log.
  • It is easy to maintain as the information can be either filled in by visitors or the receptionist.
  • These logbooks are placed on the front desk so that it is easily accessible to both visitors and employees alike.
  • Logbook can be customized depending on the information, the company needs to gather from the visitor.
  • Based on the visit, frequent visitors can be provided with visitor pass so that they can bypass the inconvenience of filling visitor’s form or logbook.

The layout of the visitor registry book is very simple and is divided into a few columns where each column represents one piece of information about the incoming visitor. It can be customized to include desired columns.

The template of the visitor registry logbook is given below,


Name of organization

Logo of organization

Date: ……………………

Incharge: ………………..

Name of visitorPurpose of visitingEmployee of interestContact informationEntry timeExit time

Each day a new log sheet starts and the previous is submitted to administration. Some workplaces do not allow visitors for employees at their place therefore, it can be controlled easily.

Template preview

Visitor registry book template