Office Maintenance Log Template

Employees are the hard-working individual behind the success of companies and businesses. These employees are hardly recognized for their efforts, yet they put their heart and soul into projects to make their employers successful. Employees are provided with offices depending on their job description and rank. Many lower-rank employees work together in one office and manage their work accordingly.

Employees are given the facility of cleaners and other related staff at most companies, but employees are also expected to do some tasks so that basic cleanliness is maintained at all times. There are many tasks that require immediate attention and should be catered to without waiting for any extra help.


An office maintenance log is a paper or log sheet that includes information about different chores or activities in an organized manner. Logbooks are pre-made sheets that are used for adding information in a successive manner so that results can be interpreted at the end. The office maintenance log includes tasks related to the office against every staff member. The amount of data required from a logbook depends on the activity and choice of the user.

Great environment for productivity…

Office maintenance logs are very crucial for maintaining a clean environment at the office which enhances productivity and influence mood. Maintaining a log sheet is easy and does not require special attention. Some of the benefits of office maintenance logs are given below,

  • It helps in managing and mentioning all the tasks pertaining to keeping an office clean.
  • Every task is performed by a staff member, so it allows every member at the office to call if needed.
  • Work is shared among all so that no one is burdened beyond the limit.
  • Tasks can be jumbled up so that everybody can have a different task as compared to a monotonous routine.
  • It allows the cleaner to mention anything broken or lost so that it can be replaced immediately.
  • The frequency of performing a specific task allows staff to make sure that tasks for the day are completed.
  • Log sheet for office maintenance can be customized for either a week or month or two months depending on the choice.
  • It helps in dividing the tasks among other members if any employee calls in sick or takes a day off.


Templates of log sheets are easily available and can be altered for office maintenance logs. Otherwise, log sheets can be made easily by any staff member. A template of an office maintenance log is provided below,

Name of organization

Logo of organization

Department: ………………….

Office: …………………………..

Month: ………………………….

Task descriptionFrequencyName of employeeRemarks
Emptying recycle binsDailyMr. Richard 
Desk clearnessWeeklyMr. Eric  Broken
Water indoor plantsDailyMs. Erica 
Remove trashAfter 2 daysMs. Ellen 
Filling stationery drawerMonthly Purchase
Refilling snacks in the tea roomMonthly  
Refilling toiletries     

Office maintenance logs are displayed on the notice board within the office so that it is convenient for every person. As soon as the mentioned employee performs their task, they check the box of done so that all are aware.

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Office maintenance log template