Phone Message Log

Communicating with customers is very important for a business. A business communicates with its employees through emails, social media posts, and text messages. Although sending and receiving text messages is a bit outdated now, it still has a lot of importance in the business world. Businesses still like to communicate with their customers via text messages. Communication through text messages is not only simple but it also does not require access to the internet. Customers can receive text messages no matter they have an internet connection or not.

What is the phone message log?

It is a type of record sheet that a business keeps for keeping the record of all the phone messages it receives. There are many purposes behind using the phone message log. Some businesses use it to take the record of customers’ queries while some use them to send greeting messages to their customers. This record helps them remember to whom they have to send the message and to whom they have already sent the message. This log is not just for businesses. Individuals can also use this log when they want to stay on track as to who has sent the message to them.


Phone message log template:

This template is a simple spreadsheet document that is very easy to use by everyone. The template has been prepared by professional people and therefore, it is best to be used professionally.

Things to remember while creating a phone message log:

Creating a phone log is very easy if you remember the following tips:

  1. It is better to create the phone message in a type of table format
  2. Make sure that you add all such details that are necessary to gather in the phone message log
  3. All the features of the message log should be responsive
  4. The log should not contain too many fields that it becomes difficult for the user to fill it
  5. Keep the log relevant and concise at the same time.

What are the benefits of using the phone message log template?

If you are in the need to use the message log for all the messages you receive on your phone, you are recommended to use the template. There are many reasons to use this template. Some of the best advantages of the template are given below:

  1. This template is completely editable. It makes it easy for the user to use this template because no matter what kind of information a user wants to see in the message log, the editable log template allows him to add these details.
  2. The template provides the message in an appropriate format. The message log provided by the template is the best tool to keep a record of all the messages
  3. With the use of this template, you can keep the information of the message sender. Additionally, this information can be stored in the log template for as much time as you want
  4. The phone message log can be downloaded in a spreadsheet document or in the form of an app that you can keep on your phone for an indefinite amount of time.
  5. The major problem people face these days is the problem of not being able to reply to people on time. This usually happens because people are so busy in their life and they forget to reply. The message log keeps the record of the messages that are usually ignored when the message log is not used.

What information does a phone message log include?

The main details provided by the phone message log include:

  1. Name of the person to whom the message has been sent.
  2. Date and time of the message delivery.
  3. Name of the person who has sent the message.
  4. Name of the company.
  5. Phone number of the recipient and sender of the message.
  6. Purpose of the message.
  7. Type of message.
  8. Name of the person filing the log.

You can add many other details to this log depending on what you need for your business. Even if you want to have a message log in your personal life, the message phone log template is the best tool to incorporate.

Phone Message Log Template