Diesel Issue Slip Template

Over the period of centuries, modes of transportation have changed significantly. Starting from the invention of the wheel, it has progressed to fast-moving cars and the research is still going on. Although the use of modern transportation affects our resources and adds pollution to the environment, their use is increasing every minute. These automobiles use fossil fuels for running their engines efficiently.

Automobiles run either on a petrol engine or a diesel engine. There is a significant difference between these two fuels and their efficiency. Trucks and buses use diesel as a fuel, which uses compressed air in its diesel cycle, and fuel is injected into the compressed air where it reaches its highest point and provides energy to run the vehicle. In a petrol engine, both air and petrol are compressed for running the engine smoothly.


Diesel issue is a record-keeping activity regarding the use of diesel within a day or month. This issue slip is managed by dealers for navigating the sale of diesel. It helps in maintaining accounts and also provides a clear image of inventory. Issue slips are easy to manage and can be customized according to the user’s need i.e., for a day or week, or month.

Diesel issue slips can be made on paper, also termed as hard copy, thus making it easy to mention all the details at every sale and transaction. These slips can also be managed as soft copy i.e., a computer that provides the facility of easy alteration and bookkeeping. Information required from the issue slip can be modeled in a manner that includes all data in an organized manner.

Diesel issue slips are considered significant for maintaining accounts about every sale. Businesses related to diesel dealing suffer a lot if they miss any deal. The importance of the diesel issue slip can be evaluated from the following points,

  • It keeps account of every sale big or small.
  • It can be customized to provide the required information in an organized fashion because all data is entered in their respective columns.
  • Issue slips of months or years can be kept in an orderly fashion.
  • It makes it easy to navigate any particular sale based on date and time.
  • It is very easy to use and maintainable, therefore, workers or any other person can fill day to day information.

Diesel issue slips are very simple and can be designed easily. These slips are mostly designed in Microsoft Office and then are either printed as a hard copy or used as a soft copy.

Design of diesel issue slip includes basic information about date and owner. Moreover, it is comprised of 3 or more columns where each column represents a particular activity. Data regarding activity is mentioned in the same column to make it easy for the user.


Template for diesel issue slips may vary from one shop to another because these slips are generated in-house therefore, they do not resemble any other diesel issue slip. The general template of a diesel issue slip is given below,

Shop: …………..

Owner: ……………

Date: …………………

Sr. No.VehicleDiesel usedAmount received


    Signature of owner

Template preview

Diesel issue slip template