Vacation and Sick Time Tracking Worksheet

Employers often experience absenteeism due to employees’ sickness or vacations. To control the number of holidays, organizations devise a policy of allowing paid sick days and annual leaves for a certain number of days. However, if the employee’s off days exceed that stated duration, the companies often cut their salaries by a certain amount. Maintenance of the off days can be made easy by using vacation and sick time tracking worksheets in the HR department.

What is a vacation and sick time tracking worksheet?

A vacation and sick time tracking worksheet is a record of the employee’s off days from work due to either being sick or being on a vacation. Irrespective of the business size, this record of the employees’ absence from work is important to maintain, to find out the trends, and take the relative decisions.


This sheet can indicate if an employee is taking more off days than he is allowed to by the company policies. In addition, this sheet can also be used to calculate any cuts that are to be made from the employees’ salaries.

What are the advantages of vacation and sick time tracking worksheet?

This worksheet is often adopted by organizations, as a tool for HR management, due to the various benefits linked to its usage, such as:

  • Indicates the working days of the employees.

The number of off days of the employees can be viewed by glancing at this sheet. It can then be used to analyze the productivity of their departments and the overall organization.

  • Aids in highlighting the trends.

Through this sheet, an employee’s absenteeism can be analyzed over time. For instance, if one employee has a tendency of taking various days off work on a regular basis, the management may decide to take any action against him. Further, if the employees of a department are being absent often, its productivity will obviously suffer, and the reasons can be investigated to rectify the situation.

  • Helps in the calculation of payment.

The employee’s payment is directly related to the number of days he worked. The in-built formulas in the Excel template can easily calculate the amount of money the organization owes the employee for the specific period.

What are the main components of a vacation and sick time tracking worksheet?

This type of sheet is designed and formatted while considering the requirements of the direct (HR officer) and indirect (management) user. However, the following components are frequently present in such sheets:

  • Title of the sheet.
  • Year and month.
  • Employee name, title, department.
  • Number of working days.
  • Number of sick leaves allowed.
  • Number of annual leaves allowed.
  • Date of absence.
  • Return date.
  • Number of absent days or total number of leaves.
  • Type of leave taken or reason behind the leave.
  • Salary or payment of the employee per month.
  • Discrepancy between allowed and taken leaves.
  • Cuts, if any.
  • Notes or remarks.
  • Name and signature of the authorized person.

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