Vehicle Mileage & Fuel Log Sheet

A log sheet is an official record of events or activities happening within a specific period. These log sheets are maintained by every workplace for keeping a record of a number of activities. Their ease of use and highly informative feature have promoted their status a lot. Log sheets are managed in table form with different columns representing different activities thus, making it multipurpose yet simple.

Vehicles are a means of transportation from one place to another. Vehicles may include cars, trucks, loaders, and buses. They are used by almost every individual for movement. Vehicles are maintained by every owner thus, making sure that they are in good shape. Service stations provide various services regarding the maintenance of vehicles. These services may include the replacement of a worn-out element, car wash, fuel, water check, etc.


Vehicle mileage is an indicator of its condition. If a vehicle has covered more miles on the odometer then it has more wear and tear. It indicates that a vehicle that has been used a lot will have various faults. Vehicle fuel is known as petrol or gas that is used for driving a vehicle. It provides energy to the vehicle for running.

A vehicle mileage and fuel log sheet is a record that provides information about the beginning and end of the odometer in an organized manner. These log sheets are mostly maintained by vehicle resellers as they log in the information about every vehicle and judge its reselling value.


Log sheets have gained immense popularity because of their low maintenance and ease of use. They fund their application everywhere from housewives, students, tethers, offices, and service stations. Some of the uses of maintaining a vehicle mileage and fuel log sheet are given below,

  • This log sheet provides all the vehicles present at the garage at any time.
  • Readings of the odometer on the log sheet allow making decisions on its value.
  • The column of vehicle service on the log sheet tells when it was serviced last time.
  • Individual vehicle mileage log sheets can be used for keeping a check on using the vehicle by entering the number of miles the vehicle traveled, the date, and for what purpose.


Earlier, log sheets were maintained on paper, and they were kept in an organized manner to ease the process of finding any information. With the use of computers, log sheets are easily made and maintained in excel to make this easier. Every workplace has a computer that can be accessed easily. People who are unaware of computers still use paper sheets for maintaining logs.

Specific sheets for vehicle mileage and fuel can be easily downloaded from here. These log sheets can be used easily and are free of cost. Moreover, log sheets can be easily designed by the user as they only require an excel sheet. After designing and adding columns, either these sheets can be printed or filled in the computer with the required data.


A sample log sheet for vehicle mileage and fuel maintenance is given below.

Vehicle Mileage & Fuel Log sheet

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