7 Day Schedule Worksheet Template

Workplaces hire individuals for performing tasks and in return are paid for their efforts. Almost every workplace hires employees depending on the expansion of their business and employee requirements.

Regardless of their workplace, every employee put their best forward for achieving the goals of their employers and make their businesses successful. Employees are hired based on their ability to perform tasks that the employer needs. Employers follow a complete protocol for hiring employees to give every individual a fair chance of employment.


Every workplace has set rules regarding treating their employees so that they are considered individuals and not slaves. These rules are devised in accordance with the rules followed internationally for protecting employees and their basic rights.

Every workplace has a schedule lined up for its employees that they are supposed to accomplish. Tasks assigned to the employees are based on their knowledge and experience. These schedules can span over a week or month or a project. The timeline of these schedules varies according to the demands of the employer.

Having a schedule indicates that all work is pre-planned which signifies organized behavior of the employer. A 7-day schedule worksheet at any workplace indicates the tasks of every employee for a whole week. This worksheet tells the tasks for a week beforehand so that employees can prepare themselves for the week ahead.

These worksheets are mostly uploaded on the notice board for ease for the employee. Every employee refers to the worksheet and performs their tasks accordingly.


Schedule for a week is a great step any workplace could come up with as it allows an employee to plan their week according to the worksheet. The significance of per week schedule worksheet can be evaluated from the following points,

  • It mentions the tasks of every employee so that they do not need to take instructions from anyone.
  • All the tasks mentioned on the worksheet need to be accomplished to finally call an end to the workday.
  • Employees can plan their week ahead by looking at the worksheet.
  • It gives an idea to the employee if they are going to have an easy or a difficult week.
  • Organization of work as a schedule worksheet boost morale of employees.
  • They are easy to use and provide detailed information.

Worksheets are very simple and easy to use. They can be maintained easily and can be designed by anyone. They are just used to indicate tasks of every employee but can be expanded to provide detailed information.

Worksheets are usually an array of columns where each column signifies a particular task or activity, and related information is filled in the column. Many 7-day schedule worksheets are also available on the internet which can be easily downloaded and used after filling in the required information.

Moreover, these worksheets can be designed by employers or any other individual at the workplace. The basic purpose of their use is to provide the required information at a single glance.


The sample for the 7-day schedule worksheet is given as follows,

Name of employeeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
7 Day schedule worksheet template

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