Employee Shift Change Record Sheet

Many types of organizations require employees to work in shifts, as the nature of their business demands continuous work. Being human, a worker has a limited capacity of working at a stretch, and if it is not possible to discontinue the work, another worker will take up his position, before the first one leaves till his next shift.

However, it is important to manage and organize the shifts of the workers, so that they can get the required number of shifts, as well as no empty slots, are left out. For the effective management and organization of shifts, an employee shift schedule worksheet is used.


What is an employee shift schedule worksheet?

An employee shift schedule worksheet is a worksheet that records and tracks the details of the shifts of all the employees of an organization. Usually, this sheet is updated every week or every month, and the schedule is prepared for the specified time period to ensure the smooth functioning of the operations.

Keeping the number of hours per employee in consideration, the shifts are assigned to the employees, and the schedule is prepared in a way that the work does not need to stop. The schedule focuses on the date, time, area, branch, etc., for managing the shifts.

What are the advantages of an employee shift schedule worksheet?

This type of sheet can prove to be beneficial in numerous ways, that include:

The shifts can be managed effectively.

Arranging work in shifts can keep the workers’ productivity intact as well as let the organization work 24 hours incessantly. This becomes possible if the shifts of all the employees are managed properly, and they get enough shifts as per their requirements.

Aids is recording and tracking.

When a schedule is to be organized for a week, the information can easily be inserted in the template of such a worksheet. Also, when the details of the shift of a worker need to be tracked, this sheet can easily be viewed.

Minimizes the chances of error.

Through this sheet, it can be ensured that no worker is over or under burdened. In addition, the presence of an empty slot can be avoided as well by managing the shifts properly. Further, due to a template being used every time a schedule is being prepared, the mistakes can be reduced.

What are the main components of an employee shift schedule worksheet?

Although the components of such sheets can vary as per the type of work and organizational requirements, the following are the general components, that are present in such types of worksheets:

  • Date and time-period.
  • Information of the organization.
  • Details of the department, for which the shift worksheet is being prepared.
  • Working days.
  • Holidays in the specified time-period, if any.
  • Shift time: day and night.
  • Name of the employee.
  • Work/slot/area assigned.
  • Starting and ending shift time every day of each employee.
  • Number of hours per day, per week, and per month.
  • Payment per day, per week, per month.
  • Signature of the authorized person.
Employee shift change record sheet
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