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If you want to calculate the tips you receive from your customers on a daily basis and you don’t have time to calculate them manually, you can simply use the tips calculator template.

What is tips calculator?

A tips calculator is a tool that is primarily used to calculate the tips according to the given percentage.

When you dine in a restaurant or on an excursion trip with your guide, you often pay some extra cash to your attending waiter or tourist guide. The amount of money you pay to them is variable and according to your choice, affection for the person and budget limits.

As this custom is a global practice especially in the USA and Canada the government has allotted some percentage on the paid bill to be given to the service provider as a tip. This money will also compensate for the low wages these employees are taking. Following are the tips of some services along with an average tip determination for each worker.

Restaurants, Bartenders 15%-20% Food Delivery 15%-20%. Hotel Housekeeping $1-$2 per person per night, Hotel Room Service, 15-20% Mover, Furniture, or Appliance Delivery $5 to $ Plumber or Other Home Services $5 to $20 Hairstylists, Barber, Nail Service, 10%-20%, Taxi or Limo Driver 15%-20% and Tour Guides, $1-$5.


Calculating the percentages for a tip is a mathematical task which could not be done when you are having your dinner or enjoying traveling. A free online template as a tip calculator is a feasible option to estimate the tips you are going to pay. This tip calculator also works for those individuals who incorporate the percentage of tips with the total charges for their services. Available with fully customizable options the calculator ease the procedure of manual counting. Download the tips calculator to get a speedy calculation of estimated tip for each service.

tips calculator template

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When to use the tip calculator?

A tip is basically the amount of money which is paid to the employee of an organization by its customers. The tips are usually given as a reward to the employee when he provides the services in a good way. Every restaurant generally pays the specific percentage of the total bill as a tip. When the restaurant wants to figure out how much amount should be paid to the employee, it used the tip calculator.

Benefits of tips calculator:

The tip to be paid by the restaurant is required to be distributed among different members of the staff. When the management of the hotel wants to do it in a fair way, the tips calculator can be used.

In order to use the tip calculator, the user is required to download the tips calculator template for better use. It is good to calculate the tip before paying it to the concerned person in order to ensure that you not paying more or less than what you are needed to pay.

The template:

This tip calculator can also be used by the employees in order to see how much they should be paid when they provide a good service to the customers. Although the calculation of the tip in a manual way is also very simple, it gets complicated when the hotel has a big staff to pay the tip. Calculating the tips for big staff is also very time-consuming.

In order to save yourself from the hassle of calculating the tip for each individual staff member, the tip calculator template can be used. This template is a simple spreadsheet document that calculates everything very quickly and without any error.

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