Sales Commission Calculators

Many organizations offer a commission to their salespersons on conducting a specific amount of sales. This commission is offered to salespersons when the organization wants to boost sales. The commission technique actually works by encouraging the salespersons by offering them a commission which makes them put more efforts in boosting the sales. The commission rate is fixed by the organization so that it can ensure that every salesperson in the company is getting the commission indiscriminately. However, in exceptional cases, the commission rate may vary.

What is the sales commission?

A sales commission is an amount which is paid to the salesperson for effectively negotiating the sale and making it a success. Every time a product is sold, the company gets the profit due to which, the salesperson is rewarded for contributing to the success of the company.


The commission is generally given to the salesperson in percentage which is also known as commission rate. The formula used to find the sales commission is

Commission = Sale amount × Commission percentage

As a matter of fact, using the sales commission system ensures that the company pays the staff is an effective way to compensate the staff for the efforts it has put in an attempt to boost the sales. This method is considered to be very effective since it compels the sales staff to work hard in product promotion so that the commission amount to be received can be increased.

Sales commission calculator template:

An online tool for calculating the commission is available on many websites so that people with different preferences and needs can use it. This spreadsheet tool performs the desired calculations in no time. This calculator is effective in determining the number of sales and the percentage amount of commission on the sale. This calculation template is very easy to use and also performs every type of calculation very quickly.

How to use the sales commission calculator?

Calculating the commission amount by using the sales commission calculator is very easy. All you need to do is input the revenue generated by the company through sales and the commission rate. Inputting the revenue generated also enables the company to keep track of the profit it makes. The commission to be given to staff is usually subtracted from the profit.

In order to calculate the commission amount, the user is required to know how much gross profit a company has earned. The calculator can also be used by the company when it wants to calculate the number of sales required to be conducted in order to earn the desired level of commission.

Why should the sales commission be used?

This calculator template is a very effective and flexible tool that a company can use when it wants to compensate its staff members accurately. This spreadsheet tool ensures that the results obtained are error-free. As soon as the sales commission period is over, the user can calculate the commission without wasting time. The template calculates the commission in a detailed manner.


Sales commision calculator


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