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To get your fat percentage out of your meals, You have to note the number of grams of fat you consumed daily along with the calories of fat. For this, you can check the label of the food product, as the packaging will display the amounts in grams and the calories in each germ. At the end of the day list the amount of fat you have consumed the whole day along with the calories. If the packaging is not showing the fat content then you can check the USDA Nutrient Database to get your count.

For calorie consumption, you have to calculate it. Generally, each gram of fat contains 9 calories so if you multiply the total daily fat in gram which you consumed you can take out the number of calories you are consuming daily from your fat intake. Another simple way is the same that you write down the calories directly from the label and get a sum at the end of the day.


Take the grand total of calories of fat and multiply the figure by 100 then divide the answer by the number of fat calories you have consumed per day to have the daily percentage of the fat you are consuming. Compare your intake with the standards of fat intake recommended by nutritionist and you will get to know how much lesser or greater amount of fat you are consuming daily.

All these procedures seem a bit complex, therefore, use online free templates to download the fat percentage calculator for free. You have to just add your grams and the calculator will show you the percentage fat you are consuming daily. With fully customizable options, these user-friendly options is a great way to calculate your consumed fat percentage instantly.


Food fat percentage calculator

Download your file below.

Food Fat Percentage Calculator

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Calorie and Fat Percentage Log

Daily Calorie and Fat Percentage Log

To keep a record of your daily calorie intake and how much fat calories have this template is a wonderful tool.

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How to use this template?

You must know what you are eating and why you do. Each food contains calories and some percentage of fat no matter if it is good for you or not. It is you who decide what should I eat and how much should I eat. What should I eat and what not according to your health condition?

To monitor your calorie and fat intake this Excel template is a handy worksheet that allows you to input your daily food intake and hence keep a record of your fat percentage. In the template

  • For each day write what food you have eaten and what amount of calories and fat it has.
  • You can get calorie and fat information from the food label.
  • In the worksheet, the highlighted columns contain formulas and do the calculation for you in response to your input. Do not change the values in these columns.
  • The information shown to you will be the calories from the fat and the fat percentage for the food you have entered in the previous columns.
  • You can see a summary report of all the calories consumes and the percentage of fat you get from the food you have eaten.
  • In the end, a graph highlights if the food consumed has enough fat percentage with different colors. In the red zone, you are taking too much fat. The green means you are fine with your food chart.


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