Warranty Tracker Template

A warranty is a claim from a brand that a product being sold by it is genuine and will not break down or show any kind of problem in its working for up to a specific period unless a user of the product himself mishandles it. A customer likes to buy a product warranty that its manufacturer offers because it gives him peace of mind and he knows that he can use it while being completely stress-free. Due to the comfort it provides, people are always ready to pay more for the product guarantee period, which has still not passed and they can claim a replacement or a repair if anything

What is a warranty tracker?

A warranty tracker is used as a tool to keep track of warranties on different products that come with warranties that buyers can claim within a specific period. This tool is helpful for sellers who sell different products with warranties. They often have to deal with claims, and when they use this tracker, the process of dealing with the claim becomes stress-free.


What are some of the common uses of the warranty tracker?

Most people use this tracker for the following common reasons:

  1. When a product does not work the way its manufacturer claims it should, the customer can claim the warranty using the tracker.
  2. Customers who don’t know whether they can still claim the warranty or not often use the tracker, as it reminds them of the date on which they purchased the product.
  3. The tracker also reminds them of the dealer or seller through whom the warranty can be claimed.
  4. Usually, products have a warranty of many years. So, if many years have passed and you have no clue whether you can still claim the warranty or not,
  5. When a customer wants to feel relaxed about the working of the product and is sure that the product will never break down when he is in the middle of something,.

What information is included in the warranty tracker?

Information provided by the warranty tracker includes the following:

Information about the product

It is obvious that when you have to determine the details of the guarantee a product or its manufacturer holds, you will be required to have all the information regarding it. The tracker provides information such as the product’s name, its model, year of manufacturing, name of the manufacturer, and some specifications that can make a product unique from other products in the same line.

Details regarding the purchase of the product

Tracker helps you remember from which shop or seller you purchased the product because, many times, you cannot buy a product directly from the store and you have to contact a third party who is also an authorized seller of that brand.

In this case, you will have to remember the date on which the product was purchased because this is where the official guarantee of the product starts. Similarly, the mode of payment and total payment made is also mentioned in the tracker, and it will be very easy for you to deal with certain things when you have a record of everything.

Information about the warranty

Every product and brand has different terms and conditions when it comes to offering a warranty. It should be mentioned in the tracker.

The main details regarding the warranty include:

  • the total duration of the warranty or the total time in which a brand claims that the product will not bite the dust
  • total coverage of the product to show whether the customer will get a replacement, refund, or repair services
  • limitations of the guarantee being offered
  • things not included in the guarantee offered by the brand
  • a unique number of the warranty card that is usually provided by the product at the time of the purchase
  • and some other specific details a person would like to mention to make the tracker a useful tool for monitoring the guarantees.

If you are a seller who has to deal with so many guarantees at a time, using a tracker will be even more useful for you.

Warranty tracker template