Employee Illness Tracker

Employees are the major working force of an organization. They are the backbone of the company. The employees take leave from office due to illness and many other reasons. It is the right of every employee to take off from work when he does not feel himself to be healthy enough to be an active and productive person in the workplace.

Maintaining the leaves of the employees is the main thing every organization does. Although employees are given a right to apply for sick leave and remain absent from work due to sickness, the number of leaves an employee can get in a year is limited.


Companies use different management tools and tracking software to keep track of different details. These tools help them keep track of every employee.

What is an employee illness tracker?

Employee illness tracker is a useful online tool used by different organizations when they want to keep an eye on the leaves taken by the employee out of sickness.

What are the benefits of using an illness tracker?

The reason why organizations like to use the illness tracker is the benefits it comes with. Some of the key benefits of using this tracker are:

  1. The illness tracker enables the organization to determine the total sickness leaves of the employees whether planned or unplanned. Many trackers determine and show the results in the form of scores. The greater the score, the more sickness holidays are there. The company can take the necessary steps to minimize the sickness holidays of the employees who have a greater score.
  2. An illness tracker is also a great tool because of the sickness report of the employee it generates. This tracker enables the organization to get a very deep and powerful insight into the sickness leaves of the employee.
  3. The tracker also helps the organization know how much it costs the company due to the sickness of the employee. Many organizations allocate a specific amount of budget to the cost that it will incur due to the sickness of the employees. However, if the total cost exceeds the budget allocated by the company, the tracker alerts the company so that it can take measures to take control of it
  4. The tracker keeps track of the sickness of the employees automatically which means the company does not need to monitor the employees continuously
  5. Every organization has its policies and procedures to deal with the sickness. The tracker works according to the policies formulated by the company. Furthermore, it gives a complete overview of the absentees of the employees due to illness

Employee illness tracker template:

Many people would like to use the illness tracker just to save time and cost. Tracking the illness requires a lot of time and expertise of the person if the tracking tool is not used. Many organizations spend money on the management department that deals with tracking. However, using the template saves these organizations from having to spend money since the template is free to use and download.


Employee illness tracker template