Project Issue Tracker Template

A project issue tracker is used these days very commonly by businessmen across the world. Project managers also find it convenient to use this tracking tool because of the benefits it comes with.

What is an issue in the project?

An issue in a project is anything that ruins the working and performance of a project while it is in its execution phase. The appearance of the issue in the project is a real matter of concern for the project manager and the business owner.


What is a project issue tracker?

A project issue tracker is a spreadsheet tool that is brought into action when an issue is identified in a project. Every businessman and project manager face lots of issues despite so much caring about the potential risk that may encounter in the later stages of the project.

How does the project issue tracker work?

The biggest question that comes to everyone’s mind is how this tracking tool works. No one wants to see any issue during the processing of a project since it delays the delivery of the project. Project managers try to mitigate the risks of any issue arising in the project due to this. However, it is not possible to mitigate risks all the time. At times, issues are seen during the execution phase of the project. The job of the issue tracker is to trace the issue and let the project manager know about it.

Why is the issue tracker template used?

It is the priority of every project manager to ensure that the project is delivered to the client in time. Apart from this, it is also ensured that there is no issue in the project when it is delivered. However, when any issue arises in the project during its execution, it means that the quality of the project is not as good as the project manager was expecting.

The project manager needs to track all the issues in the project no matter at which stage of the project they rear their head. When issues are identified in the project, the project manager thinks of all possible solutions to resolve those issues. Earlier the issue is identified, earlier it can be resolved. The use of the issue tracker template makes it possible and therefore, it is one of the most common tools being used these days.

Additionally, some issues arise during the execution of the project because of one major issue. This major issue usually impedes the growth of the project and therefore, causes the problem. Using the issue tracker template allows the user to find that one major issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of the project issue tracker?

It helps manage issues effectively:

It is inevitable to see issues in the project. There are different types of issues. Some issues are seen at the start and some are seen at the end when the project is executed. When the tracker is used, it is ensured that all the issues which have been traced in a project are being monitored and managed. Therefore, it is ensured that these issues are not going to impact the project in any way since they are being managed effectively.

It helps in addressing the issue:

The issue tracker does not only assist in tracking the issues. Rather, it serves as a tool that enables the user to keep track of all the issues and address them so that they can be resolved before the project is given the final touch and delivered to the client.

It helps communicating issues:

There are certain types of issues that need to be communicated to stakeholders so that they can know about the nature of the project they have initiated. When stakeholders and project managers use this tracker at the same time, they see the same type of issue. In this way, the issue is communicated to the stakeholder as soon as it is found in a project.

It is a sound platform to deal with issues:

The tracker provides a platform in which the user can find the issues and then resolve them seamlessly.


Project issue tracker template