Monthly Personal Planner Template for Excel

To plan everything is a common trait of successful people. People believe in proper planning because they value their time. For such people, planners of different types are designed that help them stay organized ahead of time.

Many people believe in using daily calendars and to-do lists for keeping track of all the tasks that they are required to do in a specific amount of time. However, these calendars are not suitable for everything. No one wants to lose track of the birthdays of their loved ones, important dates of appointments, meetings, and much more. They set reminders that keep reminding them about whatever happening life is going to throw at them. These things do work but only to some extent. At times, such things add no value and this is the reason, people should think of using a monthly personal planner.


What is a monthly personal planner?

A personal planner is a kind of bind book or digital notebook that allows the user to take down all the important activities that he/she is supposed to carry out in one month. This planner has a strong tendency to make people stay on track when it comes to doing everything on time.

What are the best elements to include in the monthly personal planner?

Due dates:

Due dates have a lot of importance in our life. Those who keep a proper record of the upcoming due dates never lose track and never feel embarrassed. If you start using a personal planner and add due dates to it, you will be able to remove every type of stress from your life. Additionally, your life will be on a smooth track due to appropriately following due dates.

List of activities you do every day:

Sometimes, you are not able to do everything on time because you always fall short of it. This is the time when you need to realize that you are biting more than you can chew. There are certain things that you don’t need to do daily but you do them daily and thus, waste your time. You are required to realize that there is a need to prioritize things. Therefore, you should make a list of activities to include in the monthly personal planner and categorize them based on their priority in your life.

Things you want to make your habit:

You might not be happy with certain things in your life just because of your bad habits. Just when you realize that you need to wean off certain habits or develop new habits, you should use the monthly personal planner. You can add several things to your lifestyle daily until they become your habit such as drinking water, doing a workout, etc.

Enlist important events:

In this part of the planner, you need to list down all the events that are about to happen in the coming month. Missing out on any important event can lead to many problems. Therefore, your monthly personal planner needs to include the details regarding all the events of the month.

What are the benefits of using the monthly personal planner?

There are many benefits to using a personal planner. Some of them are:

  • Many people forget the following important dates and plans just because they forget to do so. Some people even forget to meet their doctor because they forget that they have an appointment with the doctor. In the personal planner, the person can add the due dates of everything. This reduces the chances of missing out on any special events.
  • The planner helps the user to always stay on track. With the help of the personal planner, the user always knows how many commitments he has already on his to-do list to fulfil. In this way, he avoids making more commitments. Due to the use of a personal planner, the life of the user stays organized.
  • The user is never likely to overburden himself when he knows that he already has a list of tasks that he is expected to complete within a given time frame. Life becomes easy when the personal planner is used.


Monthly personal planner template