Daily Work Status Sheet Template

What is a daily work status sheet?

It is a sheet that is typically used by those people who are asked to report their daily work to their manager or supervisor. In this sheet, people show the status of the work that they were assigned to accomplish in a given amount of time. If you are working in a team and you want to disseminate information among all team members so that they can see whether you have completed your side of work or not, you will have to use the daily work status sheet.

Why daily work status sheets should be used?

These days, the work status sheet is used to ensure that everyone working on the same project or task is on the same page. When an organization initiates a project and assigns different tasks related to it to different people, it becomes important to ensure that all those people deliver their work at the same time. if one person finishes his work early while the other person is still working, it creates an imbalance in the work that leads to many other problems. Therefore, everyone should use the status sheet for their work, and then they should share it with others to make them know the pace of their work.


What does a daily work status sheet do?

Many companies have made it compulsory for employees to use the daily status because of the following things it does for the user:

It makes the process of accountability easier:

Accountability is an important part of every organization. Those who don’t complete the work they have committed to do are held accountable and they are answerable to higher authorities. If the daily status sheet is not used, it is often not seen which employee is falling behind. However, the daily status sheet makes it possible to keep track of every person who has failed to deliver the work on a particular day.

It keeps the information consistent:

The information regarding the project is provided by every employee working on it through the status sheet. When every person submits the status sheet, the information regarding the work that has been completed, and the work that is yet to be completed remains consistent. The project manager can easily keep track of the work done for the project. Later on, no employee can give inconsistent information through the status sheet as it captures the attention of the project manager who is continuously keeping track of the consistency of the information.

It makes employees more productive:

A productive person boosts the sales of the business and makes it outperform in the market. A productive employee performs the work on a daily basis that is assigned to him each day. He knows that he has to submit the daily work status sheet with the work he has completed in a single day. So, if he does not do the work and update the status, he will be held accountable and he might also face the penalty. Therefore, he tries to complete the work daily and becomes punctual in his work and productive. 

It saves time:

The daily status sheet allows everyone to save time. Those companies that do not use this sheet conduct meetings each week or month to see the progress of the work done by every employee. When the status of the work is updated daily, there is no need to hold periodic meetings with staff. It results in no wastage of time. Additionally, employees can focus more on their work instead of meetings. 

It helps track progress on work:

Some companies are required to monitor the progress of the work and give reviews to the client. This entails the use of a daily work status sheet to see how much progress has been made on the project. Based on this information, several information decisions can be taken.

For example, if the progress seems to be slow, the employees can be asked to speed up their work or the project manager can assign them more work to be done. Similarly, if there is some problem in the work and it needs revision, it is uncovered early and resolved early.


Daily work status sheet