Sales Commission Tracker Template

Sales commission tracker is a tool used by the finance and HR department of any business to calculate the total sale commission of a sales representative. Sales can be defined as the act of selling a company’s products or services to its targeted clients.

Sales representatives are the people who are selling any product or services on behalf of a company. They can do this by making phone calls to targeted clients, via the internet through emails or by traveling from one place to another. They are paid and commissions are given.

A sales commission tracker includes:

  • Name of the company providing goods or services.
  • Name and category of the item sold.
  • The number of items sold.
  • Commission rates.

Key benefits of using sales commission tracker:

In the modern world, where every single company is using advanced technologies to keep a record of its every action, the use of a sales commission tracker in getting a competitive edge cannot be neglected. Some of the main important uses are as follows:

  1. The sales commission tracker saves time and energy. The record is readily available when needed by the management.
  2. This tool can be accessed by both the manager and the salesperson.
  3. Companies use this tool in their sales compensation plan to calculate the commission, just like a commission calculator.
  4. A salesperson can also add their sales and orders to the tool throughout the day, and the commission is calculated automatically.
  5. The tool gives the sales employees a sense of responsibility and achievement and boosts their confidence more. No sale can be missed if updated on a regular basis. Nothing makes a sales representative happy like knowing their total earnings for their sales.
  6. Sales commission tracker helps to manage a large number of data even if the company has a large sales team.

While designing and implementing a company’s sales commission tracker, it should be such that salespersons are pushed and motivated to find and grab sales opportunities. It can be beneficial in both ways.


A company can get a competitive edge over its competitors. Different companies have different sales commission tools depending on their structure and selling products, so do not try to copy your competitor’s commission tracker tool.

The best commission tracker can be one, which best fits your company’s structure. The tool shall be easy to understand and usable by the management and the employees.

About template

A sales manager has also got the work to keep a strict check on the conduct and productivity of his team. An online template like the sales Commission tracker template can aid the sales manager to determine the total earnings by each employee and differentiate it from his pay.

The tracker templates are available to use in an excel format that can aid you in recording the total revenue every individual is producing within your team and it also helps in the calculation of the commission that each member will take along with him. One benefit of this is that you will get to know the good and poor performers of your team.

The best software to use the template in Excel 2013 as all features are presented sharply on the software. A Sparkline is a small, word-sized graphic, like typography or font. With a Sparkline, graphics lose their typical childish format and become more like an emoticon representing a word or a font, allowing it to be found anywhere a number or word can be.

A Sparkline can be fixed within a sentence, table, title, graph, map, to name a few. Sparkline lets you reduce the size of enormous amounts of information into small, intense graphics, like in a chart in sales and commission templates. ON the template you can enter your Projected Sales and Commission and then track the Actual Sales, holdbacks, and Advances through the months.

Such templates are available online on the internet to use for free. These templates are simple to use, and one can make as many copies as he/she has many employees. You may also download the templates to your computer. After installation, you will not need a network connection to use the templates. One can also customize his templates according to his needs.

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