Work Order Bill/Invoice Templates

A work order bill is used to describe the work required to be done and the total pricing of the work. Those service providers that want to be paid use work order bill. In other words, this bill is used by service providers in order to demand payment in a professional way.

The work order bill can be issued by the organization or individual. It may be issued upon request while some service providers issue this bill when they complete the assigned work and want to be paid.


Another type of work order bill can be used by the salesperson when the customer purchases products instead of services. It enables the user to request or place the order of work that is required to be done.

A work order is a document that includes the list of all the services and products that are requested by the customer to a business. It also includes the details about the materials and resources that have been used in order to complete the work.

The list of all the activities is also made that are directly or indirectly associated with the work order. The purpose of the work order bill is to keep track of all the bills. In this way, the company can monitor the payments received by the customers

What should be included in the work order bill?

The main details added to the work order bill are:

  1. A unique number assigned to work order bill
  2. List of all the things that are required to be done
  3. The date on which the bill is being issued
  4. Price of each task to be accomplished
  5. Total work order payment

Lots of other details can also be added to work order bill depending on the needs and requirements of a business.

Work order bill template:

The work order bill template can download easily. It is a professionally designed printable document. The template can easily be customized according to the needs of the person by adding the name and logo of the company. It effectively documents all the details regarding the work order.


Work order bill/invoice template


The template

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