Commission Invoice Format for Excel

Invoices are usually used when one party bills another party against the services it provides. Receiving an invoice is a clear message for the receiver that he is required to make the payment of the amount mentioned on the invoice. Using an invoice is a very effective way to bill others without facing the inconvenience of having to ask them.

What is a commission invoice?

A person who works for a commission provides his services to others and then asks for a commission by sharing the invoice with them. In general, real estate agents and salespersons use this invoice more frequently.


Who uses the commission invoice?

Many individuals work for the sake of commission. Their main job is to help individuals and businesses to perform a particular task. Some common examples of people using the commission invoice include advertising agents, real estate agents, salespersons, particular car salespersons, stockbrokers, etc. They get paid when they calculate the percentage of commission of the total amount that has been paid by the buyer to the seller for buying a product.

How to design a commission invoice in the correct format?

If you need to charge people for the commission-based work you have done for them, you will need to issue them an invoice. Those who do commission-based work often need to use an invoice to show how much money they need to be paid. In this situation, they need to design an invoice. Here is how you can follow the right format for making an invoice:

Add the logo of your company:

The logo is an essential part of the invoice as, without a logo, an invoice does not look like a professionally used document. In addition, the logo describes which company it belongs to.

Add the name of the company and other details:

People who receive the logo should be able to know about the company so that they can contact them when they want to know anything. Sometimes they deal with the agent and they don’t know anything about the company. When they receive the invoice, they get to know about the company issuing the invoice. It also helps them confirm that the invoice has come from an authentic source and the agent is not trying to perpetrate any scam.

Give details of the invoice:

It is very important to give details of the invoice including a unique identification number of the invoice, the date on which it is being issued, and the purpose of issuing it.

Mention the total amount to be paid:

The agent should mention the total amount he wants to be paid. Here he can also add the breakdown of the total amount if it comprises various small amounts to be paid. Some customers also try to know what percentage of the total sales amount they are being charged. So, also mention the percentage amount you are going to receive as commission.

Commission Invoice format

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In what way a commission invoice is useful?

A commission invoice, just like any other bill, is used to keep the record of the total amount that the agent has received as commission. There are many benefits some of which are discussed below:

It helps in easy tracking of commission:

An invoice keeps track of the total amount received as commission as every time an invoice is generated, the database associated with it gets updated. This way, tracking becomes easy.

It is helpful in record keeping:

The total amount of commission that is paid to someone needs to be recorded. This is beneficial for the company as well as for the commission agent. Through this record, it is ensured that the agent is not paid twice. Some organizations also pay the commission at the end of the month with the salary.

It leaves no room for confusion:

An invoice is a document that mentions the total amount of commission to be paid by the client. The agent keeps a copy of a document with him and shares another copy with the client. This way, it becomes clear to both parties how much commission is being charged and no confusion is left. It also prevents many disputes that may have developed due to confusion.

Commission invoice template

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