Doctor Bill Template

A doctor’s bill is a document that is issued by doctors to request payment in exchange for services provided by the doctor. It is also known as a medical bill or medical receipt.

Most of the doctor’s bills are used in all medical institutions. No matter if you are running a private medical clinic or a big hospital, the use of bills is important for a doctor. In some organizations, the employee is asked to provide the doctor’s bill if he wants to prove his sickness or the expenses he has incurred.


Getting the payment from the doctor is not the only purpose of using this bill. Those patients who want to be reimbursed for different expenses can also use the bill of a doctor. In the past, doctors used to use handwritten payment receipts, which were very old-fashioned.

Doctor’s bill template:

Every hospital these days uses the doctor’s bill template. This template is one of the best ways to get a professional-looking, premium-quality bill from doctors. These templates can easily be used as payment receipts. The user can download the template in the form of an MS Excel file.

When it comes to documenting the daily transactions taking place in a doctor’s clinic, there is always a need to use a high-quality bill template.

The template enables the user to identify all the services provided by the doctor. A doctor needs to identify all the services that he has provided if he wants to be paid properly. The patient should be able to know what he is paying for

What should be included in the doctor’s bill?

This bill of doctors contains information about the clinic, such as the name of the clinic, the contact information of the clinic, and a lot more. The main details added to the doctor’s bill are:

  1. The name of the doctor
  2. Qualification of doctor
  3. The date on which the doctor provided the services
  4. List of medication prescribed by the doctor

Depending on the needs of the doctor, several other details can also be added to the doctor’s bill.


Doctor bill template

Format: MS Excel 2007/2010 [.xls and.xlsx]

Doctor bill template

Format: MS Excel 2007/2010 [.xls and.xlsx]

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