Hourly Service Bill/Invoice Templates

When you are a contractor and you provide a few hours of services to your clients, you can issue them an hourly service bill. This bill is issued only when your clients are agreed with your hourly rates and they are willing to pay you. The purpose of issuing the bill is to demand money as well as to keep track of the profit earned by the contractor.

Whether you are a freelancer or a photographer, you can charge your customers based on hours. This hourly service bill describes the details of the services you have provided very comprehensively and accurately.


When it comes to billing, the satisfaction of the customer is also very important. When the customer is satisfied by the bill and he has found all the details in the bill to be accurate and correct, he will be willing to pay you for the services he has availed.

For this, it is your responsibility to add all those details in the template that are needed by the customer. Your customers can easily verify the details given in the bill. To keep the record of every bill, keep a copy of a bill with yourself and give one copy to your customer.

Hourly service billing template:

The template is very suitable for those people who charge their customers based on hours they rendered services. So, if you have decided to add this template in your important documents, it should be a useful addition.

The template that you choose for your business should be in accordance with it. Make sure that it meets all the needs and requirements of your business.

The readymade template is beneficial for you for the calculation of the total amount that the customer is liable to pay. You can create the hourly service bill very effectively. Generally, the service bill is prepared in .xlsx file format as this format is very effective for calculation-based documents. The template also allows the users to modify it to make it suitable for his business.


Hourly services bill template


The template

Format: MS Excel 2007/2007+ [.xlsx]

[Restricted use]


The process of buying and selling is always demanded to be as easy as it can. The companies that adopt easier modes of payments are always highly approachable from the buyer’s point of view. The billing invoice requires the payment of the project or service provided. This bill can be used by all those companies that have provided services like installation, repair, or servicing of products at customer’s place. Additionally, it can also be used by companies that work on customer’s project like building a home, mall, square, hospitals, schools and all other building projects. The billing invoice includes the description, hours utilized, rate, amount, the tax applied, sales tax, overdue percentage, and the grand total. These calculations can be customized according to the nature of the project or service.