Catering Service Bill/Invoice Templates

A caterer is a person who provides the services of serving food, beverages, and other items. These services are usually provided on special events. The catering services charges are also subjected to sales tax. A caterer may provide his services in the banquet of caterer on in a hotel. The customers may also avail the services of caterer at their home.

The caterers are consulted by party planners who have to organize the entire party event. Some party planners also work as a caterer. No matter who is providing the catering services, the catering service providers always demand the payment through catering service bill.


What is the catering service bill?

It is a professional document which is used by a caterer to request for the payment.

What should be included in the catering service invoice?

This invoice includes the name of the customer, the name of the company, the billing address, phone number and also a unique invoice number for identification.

It should also be ensured that the details of the event, the date on which it took place, invoice number and the identification of customer have been mentioned in the catering invoice.

It is always advisable to add the details in the tabular form. This will make it easier for you to add details about more clients. You can also easily keep track of all the details about your clients. The main details regarding the event that you should include are:

  1. The type of event:

The type of event is important to be mentioned in the bill as it helps you determine the initial cost of the event.

  1. Date:

The date on which the event took place should be mentioned as it helps you in scheduling all the events.

  1. Location:

The total bill of catering service provided totally depends on the venue chosen by the client. Mentioning the venue makes it easier for you and the client to determine the cost.

Many people prefer professional looking catering service bill template that not only saves their time but also makes it easier for them to keep track of their business’ performance.


Catering service bill template


The template

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