Jewelry Bill/Invoice Templates

If you are running a jewelry shop that deals with bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and watches etc. you might be in the need to create a jewelry bill every time you sell your jewelry items. In jewelry bill, the shopkeeper has to enlist all the items that the customer has purchased.

It should be noted that the jewelry bill is equally important for customers as well. A customer should pay attention to the price quoted by the jeweler.


There are different factors that can change the price of the jewelry the customer is purchasing such as a price of gem used in the jewelry, design of the jewelry and a lot more.

Although there is no specific format to be followed while creating a jewelry bill, the user can follow a standard format. The billing system in every jewelry shop may be different from the other.

Benefits of jewelry bill:

  1. The jewelry bill makes it easier for the user to calculate the total amount the buyer is required to pay
  2. The customer can see the list of items he has purchased and the price of each jewelry article
  3. The person dealing with the jewelry can know about the total money he has earned at the end of the month

If you recently started your jewelry business and want to make use of jewelry invoices to look professional, you can download the jewelry bill template free from the internet. You can choose the format for jewelry invoice of your choice.

What should be included in the jewelry bill?

The bill of jewelry should include the name of a jewelry shop, address and contact details of the shop and several other details. The name of the person who is being sent this invoice should also be mentioned in the jewelry bill.

The details of the work you have performed on the jewelry should be described in the jewelry bill. The price of each work you have performed should be added.

The price of each service provided should be totaled at the end of the invoice.  If you want to be paid as soon as possible, instruct the customer to pay you before the due date.


Jewelry bill template


The template

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