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If you have now seriously decided to lose weight or you want to strengthen your muscles, it’s time for you to go for a workout. With the help of a well-created workout schedule, a person stays well motivated towards the regular workout. A workout schedule can provide the best assistance to the person who is not gym enthusiastic. You can list down all the activities related to the fitness that you want to perform at the gym.

The workout schedule is needed just when you finish planning all the activities for your fitness. You can distribute your fitness activities among different days of a week. The time of the activities can also be managed by using the workout schedule because there are some activities which are required to be performed at a specific time.


The activities of the schedule also depend on the number of pounds you want to shed. At the top of the schedule, you can write your current weight and also write your target weight. If you have set a specific target of using a certain amount of calories in each workout, make a separate column for mentioning those calories which you burn in each workout. Losing weight with the help of workout schedule is quite easy since this becomes what a person has to follow.

There are also the templates of workout schedule which you can download and can use free of cost. These templates contain many easy to use tools which make it easy to follow.

About Template

This workout schedule and tracking template is a gift for workout lovers. It is a comprehensive record for what you are planning for your ultimate fitness. It is all being at one place to record every bit of information regarding workout essentials. It records

  • Trainee names along with the name of instructor/trainer.
  • Some personal information such as weight, height, chest size, waist, body fat and BMI is needed to record.
  • You can enter program start date and it calculates a week’s record by itself.
  • The layout is user-friendly and all abbreviations are illustrated before you use it.

Use the following step by step guide to know how to use this template

  • Download and save the file to your computer.
  • Extract the .zip file in the same folder.
  • Open this file using Microsoft Excel Software.
  • Enter the name of the trainee.
  • Enter name of the instructor [if any].
  • Enter personal information regarding weight, height, and all other parameters.
  • Enter program start date.
  • Fill in Exercise, Strength, Cardio and Cool-down details for day-1, day-2 and so on.
  • The whole sheet is for one week. To extend it to further weeks you can simply copy and paste this to a new sheet.

That’s it. You are done. Keep working out and stay fit.



Workout Schedule and tracker template

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Workout Schedule & Tracker Template

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