Employee Timesheet Template

It is important to know how much time each employee is spending working. You do not want to be faced with problems later on when employees complain that they were not paid according to how much time they worked. This needs to be arranged in a neat and concise way.

What is an Employee Timesheet Template?

An employee timesheet tends to be a way of recording as well as tracking how much time a particular employee spent working. This timesheet is able to report total hours worked and time spent working upon a certain task or job. These timesheets are mainly used for payroll.


How to Make an Employee Timesheet Template?

If you need to make an employee timesheet template, you can consider the following points:

  • Microsoft Excel– You can make this template easily on Microsoft Excel so that it can be simple to use and calculate what is needed. Excel is a good application to use as calculations can occur here automatically.
  • Heading– Give the heading of the template. This can be “Employee Timesheet.”
  • Employee Details– These need to be stated clearly. You need to know which employee the timesheet is for. The details of the employee include their name, email, and phone number.
  • Manager Details– If the timesheet needs to be consulted later on or whenever you need to know who the manager is for the particular employee. State the name of the manager.
  • When the timesheet is for– State the period, start date and period end date, so you know which month the timesheet is for.
  • Total Work Week Hours– Write this clearly.
  • Total Hours Worked– This is another important point to include.
  • Other important details– You also need to state how many regular hours there are and how many overtime hours.
  • Table– Create a table that will have the date, time in, lunch start, lunch end, time out, and hours worked. This will clearly let you know how many hours were worked on a specific day.
  • Signatures– Include an area where the signature of the employee and that of the supervisor can be given. This is needed because if the timesheet needs to be consulted, later, no one can deny the work hours recorded.

Advantages of the template:

The following are the advantages of an employee timesheet template:

  • It clearly saves how much time every employee worked and how much time was taken on breaks.
  • If there was a particular task that an employee did for extra credit or to get extra pay, this could be saved on such a template.
  • Helps when wanting to pay employees as you will know how much time was worked and how much needs to be paid for that.

Final Words:

An employee timesheet template is a very important document as it records how much time an employee worked for. This can later be consulted when having to pay the employee. If there is any problem, later, you have proof of the timings the employee worked.



Employee timesheet template


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