Commercial Bill/Invoice Templates

What is a commercial bill?

A commercial bill is a formal document which is issued by the seller to his buyer in order to get the value of goods and services used by the buyer. The time duration for which the commercial bills are valid is known as the maturity period. A typical commercial bill has a maturity period of 30, 60 or 90 days.

In order to request for the money, the seller or the commercial service provider is needed to create a commercial bill and submit it to the buyer. The purpose of sending the bill to the buyer is to ask him for acceptance. Once the buyer accepts the bill, he has to pay the total amount mentioned in the bill.


Sometimes, the sellers make use of bank for getting their commercial bill accepted. The bank charges the seller with the commission for getting this bill accepted by the buyer. After the acceptance of the buyer, the seller gets the right to sell his products in the commercial market.

In order to get a discount on the bill, the seller contacts the bank. The bank pays the total amount mentioned on the commercial bill after deducting the interest rate which is known as a discount on the bill.

Many businesses conduct short-term finances when they fall short of money. Commercial bill is also a type of short-term finance. Whenever the business needs money on an urgent basis, it can sell its commercial bill to the bank.

Although commercial bill system is very useful and effective for many businesses, there are still many people who don’t believe in using short-term financing like the commercial bill. There are two reasons for which the commercial bills are not given much importance:

  1. The banks instead of lending with the help of commercial bill offer the credit card to lend through
  2. The payment mode of commercial bills is not liked by many businesses

If you are one of those people who is facing loss in their business, you can make the use of a commercial bill. The commercial bill template can also be used if you want to get a readymade and professional looking bill.


Commercial bill template

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Commercial bill/invoice template


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It’s a valid document stating the description of sold goods and the amount due at the customer end. It’s legal evidence of foreign trade between a supplier and a buyer. It is beneficial for determining custom duties and taxes, the actual price of the goods imposed by the customs department. Business transactions done between trading parties are verified by this official document.

It must identify:

  1. Buyer and seller information
  2. Invoice Number
  3. Shipment Mode
  4. Date and terms of sale and purchase
  5. Quantity, volume, and weight of the shipment
  6. Type of packaging done for the materials
  7. The complete description of the products
  8. Unit and gross value
  9. Insurance applied
  10. Shipment charges applied

Benefits of Commercial Invoice:

Record Keeping:

It not only aids in maintaining record efficiently but also caters in determining your stock level assigned per period.

Sales Evidence:

You cannot deny from the done transaction and you cannot prevent it by hiding it. It bounds you legally to make the payment on time. It also serves as proof in fighting for your case in the law court, as it depicts the buyer’s approval of sold material.

Exploitation Prevention:

Corruption factor is minimized for merchants as it bears the detailed credentials for exposing the fraud purchaser or seller. You cannot make your witty tricks work in this scenario where an invoice generation culture is practiced strictly.

Payment Assurance:

A vendor could refer to an unpaid debt with the provision of a commercial invoice as a payment assurance document. This will consistently push the buyer to pay up their arrears or the unpaid amount.

Accuracy Check:

It gives enough information required by an importer when carrying out accuracy inspection of the orders and receipts. The good supplied can be checked in correspondence to the demanded quantity and quality of the shipment.

Due Payment Notice:

An alarm for making you aware of the due payment. A tool harnessed for prompting payment swiftly as well as managing customer in a friendly way.

We, as professional template providers, have come up on the surface to enhance the healthy relationship and better consignment dealings between the client and the customer through our easy to use commercial invoice templates. For speedy transit, grab the comprehensive one for your smooth flow of business. Get away with the fret of managing important data through the manual way.

This template is solely made for customer satisfaction and flexible guidance. Completion of the required fields and submission of the bill is the duty of the signature authority. You want to know the secret of smooth custom handling! Well, it is hidden in filling the invoice details properly and in a vigilant manner, while making sure all the necessary details to be penned down timely to avoid delay.