Service Invoices

What type of invoice you requires for your professional services or what should be included on your invoice depends on the services you execute, layout of an essential invoice should incorporate particular elements relating to your essential information, services you performed for the client, essential information related to your client and the total billing the client has to provide you. Managing a small business or own a company leads you to perform various specialized services. Figuring out every small detail and satisfying your customer in every possible way is the lead success of every business. For that purpose the know-how of writing a basic service invoice is important.

A service invoice is a document that provides nonprofessional standardized information regarding payment when a customer receives a service from a company or a small business holder.


For example, Repairing, consultation, mechanic, house cleaning etc.

Small businesses often use same systematize invoices to keep in contact with the customers and where they don’t have to worry about printing different formats for their invoices.

Making your service invoice:

Two copies of the same invoice are always generated. One for the company and other for the client in case of any disagreement the copies can be matched or the company can use it for reminder purposes. For example, if a mechanic tells you that he has performed specific tasks with your car and you can’t find them you can claim to the company about it.

The template for service invoice can be as simple as providing the basic information apart from complex software generated templates.

What does a service invoice include?

  1. Company name and contact information (mostly at the top of the page). In case the company does not have a specific name information regarding service provider person is mentioned.
  2. Date and due date
  3. Customer’s information (company or person who is ordering the services and their contact information.
  4. Billing information, rates provided
  5. Total payment to be provided
  6. Due payment and its date
  7. If the payment is provided at the time of invoice making

In cases where companies have standard rates or time-based rates, they tend to mention them on the invoice which can then be incorporated for payment of bills.

Complex service invoice:

A complex Service invoice includes information about different type of services provided by the same company according to hour based rates as well as information about different currencies and their rates provided for the job by international companies, Different templates are used for such purposes. Time sheets can also be incorporated for keeping hour’s list rates.

Service invoice template


Service Invoice

Download for MS Excel

Download for OpenOffice


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