Hourly Service Invoice

Managing and organizing a small business while keeping in mind to convince and provide comfort to your clients can be tough. Maintaining a good reputation is important for small businesses to prosper and be successful. Some companies provide hourly based rates for the conveniences of clients and themselves. For such companies, hourly service invoices are used.

Most of the projects in such an invoice are invoiced by a standard procedure for service invoicing i.e. multiplying the number of hours by price per hour or with a fixed rate invoice. In some cases, such a method doesn’t work as different values are used to arrive at the price of the project.


Hourly service invoice is for all those who charge their clients hourly. If you are a service provider and you have finished providing services and now you are wondering how to demand the money, you can simply download the hourly service invoice template. This template is a professional way of asking the client to pay you.

As a matter of fact, every service provider has its own unique way to get paid. The hourly service invoice is issued by those service providers that actually get the payment according to the total number of hours they spend working for their clients.

Apart from hourly rate changes ‘Hourly service invoice’ does include all the main components of a standard invoice. For example, content writers, consulting businesses, freelancers, Gardner’s.

Hourly service invoice is used by businesses that charge according to time.

What does an ‘hourly service invoice’ includes?

Basic information:

  • Company name
  • Website address (if any)
  • Company’s address, contact number & email
  • Date & invoice number
  • Payment terms
  • Mode of payment
  • Lead time and due date
  • Payment to
  • Payment for

Although the details to be mentioned in the invoice vary from invoice to invoice as they completely depend on the service provider, there are various details common to every invoice. These details are:

  1. Name, address and the logo of the company which is mentioned at the top of the invoice
  2. Name and contact details of the customers who are being sent the invoice
  3. The unique invoice number that helps the service provider in record keeping
  4. The date on which the invoice is being issued
  5. Comprehensive details of the services that have been provided. It is advisable to enlist the services with proper numbering if multiple services have been provided
  6. Number of hours the service provider has worked
  7. The per hour rates of the services
  8. Mode of payment
  9. Total bill
  10. Terms and conditions


  1. Description (details of projects)
  2. Work (specific tasks)
  3. Specifications (for content writers it can be ‘total number of words’/ hours)
  4. Rate (According to divisions/ per word/hours)
  5. Amount/Total
  6. Subtotal
  7. Taxes to be included
  8. Tax rate
  9. Discounts (if any)
  10. Grand total
  11. Other comments
  12. Remarks (if any)

If a company has different rates they can leave the hours and rates section blank and can add the information manually.

‘Hourly service invoice’ should be easy to understand and convenient for customers for easy payment which leads towards a successful business.

Invoice template:

The hourly service invoice template has been created in such a way that it provides the user with the opportunity to mention the number of hours he has spent providing his services, the total payment the client is liable to pay, unique invoice number and many other details. The hourly service invoice template is very easy to use since it has been created in MS Word format. All the user is needed to do is input the details in the template and print it. The user can also add multiple services to the template.

Hourly service invoice


Hourly Service Invoice

Download for MS Excel

Download for OpenOffice

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