Daycare Service Bill/Invoice Templates

When you avail the services of a daycare center for your child, you have to pay the daycare center. A daycare center issues a payment receipt in order to demand the payment. The simple payment recipient that contains an itemized list of services provided for babysitting is known as daycare bill. It is a simple worksheet which is prepared in MS Excel file format.

The daycare bill is printed on a simple paper. The template for this bill is available in a general format that can be used by the user of any skill level. The template is so simple that the user is not required to have any guideline for proper use of invoicing.

What are the key elements of the daycare bill?

Depending on the needs of the daycare center, there can be different details that can be added to the invoice. However, there are some details which are common in all invoices issued by child babysitting center. Here are a few common details:

  1. A unique logo of the organization providing babysitting services
  2. Name of the day care center.
  3. Address and contact details of the child care center.
  4. If the child care center is licensed, mention the license number to let the customers know that your organization is licensed and authentic.
  5. Invoice number which is unique every time the daycare center issues to its customers
  6. The due date for the payment of the bill is mentioned in the invoice of the daycare center.
  7. The terms and condition for payment of the bill
  8. Details about the baby care center such as the date on which services were provided, the rate of each service and many other commercial baby care facilities such as meal, transportation etc.

The benefit of using the Excel template is that it issues a unique invoice number automatically in sequence. The user is not required to remember the receipt number to issue.

This daycare bill template calculates total bill to be paid by the guardians of the child automatically. There is a space provided in the template where you can provide your bank account details.


Daycare service bill template


The template

Format: MS Excel 2007/2010 [.xls & .xlsx]

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