Wedding Budget Tracker Template

Planning a wedding is a huge responsibility. It is no easy task. It can even be hectic if not planned carefully. There are many things that need to be kept in mind, including staying within one’s budget. You want to stay within your budget so that you are not faced with problems later on.

What is a Wedding Budget Tracker?

A wedding budget tracker is able to keep careful track of wedding expenses. It may have areas for estimated and also actual costs. This can help one properly organize their wedding whilst not spending above their budget.


What to include in the template?

If you need to make a wedding budget tracker you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– Microsoft Excel is the application you can use to make this template in. Over here, you will be able to calculate what is needed simply.
  • Heading– Give the template a heading such as “Wedding Budget.” You need a heading so that you clearly know what the template is for.
  • Table– A table can be filled in with all necessary details.
  • Total– At the top will be the Total. Here you will have estimated and actual totals.
  • Apparel– The next area will list apparel items. This includes things like gown, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, bridal gloves, bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid accessories, bridesmaid shoes, groom’s items, alterations, going-away outfit, children’s items, honeymoon clothes, etc. Under the estimated area, you will state the unit cost, estimated quantity, and the estimated amount of all these items. Under the Actual area, you will state the unit cost, actual quantity, and actual amount. At the bottom will be the Total Apparel and will calculate the total estimated amount and the total actual amount.
  • Flowers– The next area can be for flowers. This includes brides’ bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, altarpiece, flower girls’ flowers, etc. Like the above, you will have unit cost, estimated cost, and the estimated amount under Estimated column. This will be calculated as a total at the bottom. In the actual column will be unit cost, actual quantity, and actual amount with the total calculated at the bottom.
  • Photography and Video– This is another important part of expenses that needs to be considered. It will have the same estimated and actual columns as the above with the total calculated at the bottom. You can include all necessary main expenses like decorations, transport, as well.
  • Make it look pretty– Make the template look pretty so that you will want to consult it. Images like flowers can be added. You can use colors like cream and pink.

Advantages of  the template:

The advantages of a wedding budget tracker template are:

  • Let you stay within your budget while planning your wedding.
  • Allows you to know what the different estimated expenses are with the actual expenses.

Final Words:

A wedding budget tracker template is an important template as it allows you to calculate all your expenses for your wedding. You can see where these are more than your budget and plan what to do.



Wedding budget tracker template


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