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Kindly go through the following Terms and Conditions in order to use the templates, worksheets, layouts and other material provided on our website.

  • We have ensured the accuracy and usefulness of every template to the best of our abilities. However, we do not offer a guarantee for any of the material available on the website. We do not accept responsibility for its legal or official use.

A user may contribute to add their work on our website. The following rules must be followed in order to share your material.

  • The templates shared on the website must be created exclusively by one or more of these tools: Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or Calc formats.
  • No royalty charges must be incurred for the private use of the shared worksheets and templates.
  • We hold the right to remove any material without prior notice in case it bears a close resemblance to a copyrighted material. Kindly contact us in a case of a complaint.
  • All the material hosted by our server is available for instant downloading. It is not hosted on any other server.
  • We are unable to fulfill personal requests for customizing templates. All the material available on our website is as it has been produced.

Although we do not modify the existing material, we can upload templates according to specific demands. Kindly write to us in order to inform us about your requirements. We shall try our level best to provide the requested material as soon as possible.