Service Quotations

Nothing comes free. Since everything is charged, so the services that are provided by any company are also charged. Hotels, bars, hospitals charge you for every service they provide. The service quotation gives an insight about the price and quality of each service.

Service quotation templates are used by the buyers and the customers to evaluate and opt for the best offer available.


Significance and Policy:

  • The service quotations are given to the purchasers by the sellers.
  • They contain all the necessary information about the product they are trying to sell in a single sheet.
  • The sellers set the cost, labor, validity, delivery and service and maintenance charges in the list.
  • The weight and other dimensions are described in detail.
  • The discounts, price, and quality are given in the template. The buyers have an easy access to these templates.
  • Sellers and management make sure that the quotations are easily valuable to the customers and they can compare it to the other competitors to avail the best service.
  • Long term businesses start by the use of service quotation sheets.
  • The prices mentioned in the sheet are for a specific period of time and can be changed on purpose.
  • The Details given in the quotation is the mean of showing your sound professional attitude and working criteria.
  • The delivery, validation and expiry details are also included in the quotation sheet.


Services Quotation Keynotes:

Every service has some charges. This is the important thing to remember whether you check in into a hotel or you get admitted to a hospital. They give the quotations along with the prices to make the customers aware of the services to avail and the cost they have to pay in this regard. The key points are:

  • The services and their cost
  • It includes services such as room service, food service, laundry and cleaning service etc.
  • The taxes paid along with each service

It is important to avail the trust of the client and make sure that the quality of the services is up to the standards and they consider visiting you again and again.



Service Quotation Template


Service Quotation Template

Download for MS Excel

Download for OpenOffice

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