Home Servant Daily Chore List

Just as we make a to-do list for ourselves because we want to be clear as to how much work we need to do, we should also create this list for those people who we want to work for us. It also makes them clear what they are being expected to do and how much work they will need to do to show that they have fulfilled all their responsibilities and there is nothing that they would not be able to skip because it lies within their role.

What is a home tasks daily chore list?

If you have hired servants to carry out different activities in a day, you will need to assign different tasks to them based on their competencies. Whether you have just one worker or many others, a list simplifies the task of getting them to work.


It is a list in which all the job roles and responsibilities of the servant are mentioned. This way, the servants working in a house come to know what they are supposed to do each day. The use of this checklist is deemed very important to keep a house clean and organized.

What does a house chore list for workers represent?

The basic objective of this to-do list is to ensure that everyone working in the house and those who have appointed them and assigned them different tasks are on the same page. This way, there is no confusion and no chance of any dispute between the two parties. This list also shows what the preferences of the homeowners are. If the workers have worked somewhere else, they should see this list so that they can know the expectations from them at a new place of work.

How to create a checklist for your servants?

Here are some tips for creating a task list so that you will remain stress-free in the presence of various people you have hired to keep people working for your home:

Know whether you are capable:

Before you get down to creating a list of tasks, you need to ask yourself if you are the right person to perform this operation. Not everyone is capable of telling people what they should do to keep a home tidy and organized. Usually, homemakers are supposed to create this chore list because they know what kind of work their servants need and how to assign different chores to different people to make sure that everyone works smoothly without any conflict.

Assign work smartly:

If there are a number of people working in a house, you should know who should be assigned the type of work. Some people are experts at cleaning while some are best at organizing stuff. At the time of hiring, you should ask people about their competencies so that you are aware of every servent’s capabilities and then when you assign different chores to them, you will have peace of mind because you know that you have assigned tasks to the right people.

Mention the time of work:

Servants in the house become more clear about their job when the list given to them also mentions the time of their responsibilities. It may not be workable for every servant. However, some servants might find it very useful such as drivers.

Categorize chores:

Categorizing the work to be done makes it easy for you to monitor it and those who have to accomplish the work assigned to them also easily execute it because of the division of different tasks into different categories.

Customize it whenever required:

Needs of house cleaning often change with time as things keep changing in the life of the house members also. You will feel the need to change the chore list also. Once you have designed one list, you can easily customize it and bring changes to it. Every list, whether updated or not, always represents the preferences and commands of the house owner.

The servants who are supposed to follow this list are also aware of this fact. So, when you hand over this list to your workers make them follow your command list religiously without missing out on any important task.

Home servant daily chore list template