Children Safety Checklist Template

The safety of every living being is a necessity and should be considered a priority. The government of every country takes necessary precautions to keep the safety of their people intact from every kind of natural or man-made disaster. Safety is actually defined as the protection of a person physically from all sorts of danger. These dangers may include chemicals, liquids, or even another person. Keeping themselves safe, is the first priority of any individual, and their natural reflexes and instincts help them in this regard.

Child safety is more important because they are unable to sense danger and can easily fall victim. In many scenarios, children staying at home, welcome problems and mishaps their way. They are prone to getting hurt and are often hurt. They do not require to step outside of their homes for this reason.


Therefore, homes in Western countries are made baby-proof before they enter the stage of crawling and walking. Every little corner, spike, or sharp object is taken care of to protect children from getting hurt.

Many families go through the process of hiring professionals to baby-proof their houses so that they do not miss anything. Many people follow a common checklist that provides safety measures taken for protecting children from any harmful means. A checklist for a child’s safety may include the following important points,

Bathroom safety

  1. Are the lids of the toilet closed, is there any lid lock available for the toilet?  Yes/No
  2. Is there any bucket filled with water that can be accessed by a child?  Yes/No
  3. Do you always assist your child to the bathroom so that they will call you when they have to go? Yes/No
  4. Do you own a swimming pool? If yes, do you use a security fence around to keep your children from jumping in the water if left unattended? Yes/No


  1. Do you have medicine around your living area that is being used regularly? Yes/No
  2. Do all the medicines have extra locks to prevent children from opening them? Yes/No
  3. Is your medicine cabinet easily accessible to children? Yes/No
  4. Does your medicine cabinet remain locked to prevent children from invading it? Yes/No


  1. Are there any uncovered plugs in your house that can be accessed by a child? Yes/No
  2. Have you got your electrical system checked by professionals to rule out any loose or scraped wire after your child started moving? Yes/No
  3. Have you taken extra precautions to save your child if they come in close contact with any wire or switch? Yes/No
  4. Is your work desk accessible to the child? Yes/No
  5. Are the cords to bedside lamps and other electrical appliances hidden properly? Yes,/No

General protection

  1. Are all the corners of the bed, tables, and chairs at home covered with baby-proof material? Yes/No
  2. Have you vacuumed all the carpets and rugs for nails or any other sharp materials? Yes/No
  3. Have you covered your windows with extra protection to prevent children from falling? Yes/No
  4. Is your staircase railing covered with fabric or rails to protect children from falling through the railings? Yes/No
  5. Have you installed gates at the start and end of the staircase to stop children from getting on the staircase? Yes/No
Children safety checklist template