Kids Screen Time Checklist

Prolonged screen time is very harmful for adults as well as kids. Using mobile phones has some implications for kids because they are more vulnerable. Numerous studies have been conducted, and it has been observed that kids who use screens for a longer period have trouble sleeping, which ultimately affects their mental health. In addition, excessive use of screens also has some adverse effects on their physical health. Due to this, it is very important to take the screen time of the child into account and determine whether it is out of proportion or not.

Kids’ screen time checklist?

Parents who are serious about the well-being and mental health of their kids usually want to ensure that they are not using cell phones for a longer period. For this, they are required to monitor the total time their kids generally spend using the phone or laptop.


The checklist is a healthy reminder for all parents and caregivers that they should pay attention to the activities of their kids and set some proper limits on the usage of the screen. This way, the checklist becomes a very healthy tool for caregivers and parents so that they can maintain a healthy balance between their activities on screen and those activities that are not on the screen.

This checklist is not only for limiting the use of the screen, rather it is also useful to make sure that kids are using different gadgets for educational purposes. If parents are concerned about the stuff kids view on the screen, they can also monitor the content of the screen.

What are the reasons to choose a checklist for screen time?

The right way to parent is not something everyone knows about. If people are well-educated and informed, they will be in a better position to raise their kids as healthy individuals. A checklist is a type of guide for parents who don’t know how to convince their kids or make changes in their lives that help make them less dependent on mobile phones to enjoy their lives. Here are some top reasons why this checklist should be used:

It helps you set rules:

Some parents try so hard but fail to make their young ones get rid of their screen addiction because they don’t know how to do it. The checklist enables them to make some rules for using the screen at home. These rules can be regarding the time zone in which the screen is strictly forbidden, showing engagement in some healthy activities, things they can do instead of using a phone or laptop, and much more.

It helps them maintain discipline in their child’s life:

When kids are told about the limits of phone time, they come to know that they cannot use it excessively. This way, they try to limit themselves and bring discipline to their lives. Parents can also take some steps to engage kids in some useful activities, make them set goals, and much more.

How do I create a to-do list?

Make a list of age-appropriate content:

You should know the age of your kid and what kind of content they can access. This way, you will be able to find content that is appropriate for children. Let your kids know that they can watch only what has been listed on the checklist.

Decide the time:

Decide the period in which kids are not allowed to use the screen. For instance, you can specify that kids cannot use the screen before bed to sleep better. In the same way, you can also specify some other periods.

Mention the break time:

The continuous use of a laptop, even for study purposes, can have serious implications. Therefore, it is important to remind kids not to use the screen for a longer period in one sitting. Mention the break time in the checklist, or you can specify the interval after which the break can be taken.

Encourage kids to not use screens unnecessarily:

The best step to take is to motivate children to not use cell phones so much. You can start a reward system and give them a healthy treat when they limit their screen time.

Kids screen time checklist template