General Symptom Checklist Template

No matter how intelligent and smart a physician is, he can’t treat the patient without a proper diagnosis. When the patient is not treated after a proper diagnosis, he is likely to get improper treatment. Due to this, he will not be able to recover from the ailment he is suffering from. There are different techniques used by medical experts when they want to treat a patient.

Some doctors conduct ultrasounds while some also get the blood test done. However, in many situations, getting information about the symptoms is enough to treat the patient. In this method of diagnosis, the patient is required to cooperate with the doctor. He is given the form which he fills in to let the doctor know what symptoms he has.


What is a symptom checklist?

A symptom checklist documents that are used by doctors to diagnose and evaluate psychological problems the patient is going through. This document is also useful in identifying the symptoms of a particular disease. 

Who uses the symptoms checklist? 

Symptom checklist is a basic instrument used by all medical experts including psychologists, psychiatrists, medical specialists, etc. Every health and medical specialist uses this instrument when he wants to diagnose a problem of the patient.

If the problem is already diagnosed and treatment is being carried out, the doctors use the symptom checklist to determine the progress of the patient in fighting off the disease. They also become able to monitor the outcomes of the treatment they are administering. 

What is included in the symptoms checklist?

There are several items on the symptoms checklist. An average symptom checklist includes roughly 90 items. There is a rating scale in the symptoms checklist that the patient has to fill out. The rating scale is added in front of every symptom in order to get information about how severe these symptoms are. This makes it easy for the doctor to treat the patient.

The name of the patient, age, gender, and name of the physician he is getting treatment from, and much more are mentioned in the symptoms checklist.

Why is the symptoms checklist used?

Symptom checker is used by physicians to do the proper diagnoses. Every disease has some related symptoms. When the doctor has to treat the patient, he issues the checklist with symptoms so that he can see what kind of problem the patient is facing.

In many situations, the symptom checklist is issued when the doctor has already diagnosed the problem and now he wants to see the effect of medication on the patient. If certain symptoms ease off in the patient, the doctor gets to know that the patient is getting better.

The checklist is issued to the patient and he is asked to remain honest while filling it so that he can be given the right type of treatment at the right time. Some people also get the readymade checklist which is easy to download and print. If people use this checklist online, they can send it via email.

Symptom checklist template