Employee-at-Home Work Tracking Log

Working from home is very common these days because social distancing is being practiced across the world. Some people also work from home when they have pending work to complete during vacation. Some freelancers are assigned work to be completed while staying at home.

People who work from home are required to be monitored by their employers. Practically, no one can monitor someone sitting at home and working from there. Therefore, the tracking log is used these days for keeping track of work the employee completes


A work tracking log is generally used to track the number of hours one has to work on the relevant shift assigned to him. A person needs to know about the number of hours he has worked in a particular shift because the wages he expects to get depend on the working hours.

Advantages of using the work tracking log

Easy to use

The work tracking log has an interface that is very easy to use. Many people may not be aware of using the work tracking log. For such people, the tracking log is very convenient to use.

Easy to add a shift

Many times, an employee changes his shift for personal reasons. He can easily switch from one switch to another using the homework tracking log. Some people also work overtime to earn more. The overtime working hours can be added to the work tracking log.

It makes calculations easy

The work tracking log enables the user to calculate the salary he is expected to get at the end of the month. It is a quick tool that helps in calculating deductions from the salary, bonuses added to the salary, and much more. The work tracking log calculates everything quickly and automatically as soon as the user enters the details. To perform the calculations quickly, the user has to tell the tracker the percentage bonus and deductions, and then the tracker performs the calculations.

It is easy to sort

It is very easy for the user of the work tracking log to sort the number of hours and other details in the tracker. So, if the user changes his work routine, he can modify the working details of the tracker according to his needs. The tracker can easily be tailored according to the user’s preferences.


People often like to use the work tracking log template when they want to track their work without any hassle. This tracking log template has all the features that are usually needed by anyone working from home and tracking their work.

People can also download the work tracking log on their smart devices. This helps them keep track of their work no matter which part of the world they go to.

Employee-at-Home Work Tracking Log