Weekly Attendance Report Template

Schools, colleges and other institutions need to keep a record of attendance. Attendance of students is very important as it lets the teacher or instructor know who is attending and who is not. Some programs do not let students sit for exams if they have not attended a certain number of classes. It is, therefore, necessary to have a proper document to mark attendance in. Even offices need to keep attendance of staff.

What is a Weekly Attendance Report Template?

A weekly attendance report template saves the attendance of students in a careful way. It allows the teacher to have a record of attendance for a complete week.


What to include in the template?

If you need to make a weekly attendance report template, you can consider the following points:

  • Microsoft Excel– Use Microsoft Excel to make this report in. This is because it has the necessary features to make a good weekly attendance report template. If any calculations need to occur, you can do them here easily.
  • Heading– Give the template a heading. This is important as you may have many documents and if there is no heading, then you will be confused about which one is for what. The heading will be “Weekly Attendance Report.”
  • Room– State what room the class is in so that you will know this when needing to consult the template later on.
  • Period/Time– Fill in the time of the class.
  • Teacher– It is necessary to write the teachers name as well.
  • Course– State the course.
  • Week of– It is important to write what week it is, so you know this later on.
  • Key– Have a key that states P-Present, T-Tardy, U-Unexcused, E-Excused. Have this with the day of the week next to each.
  • Student Name– On the table, there will be one side that will have each of the student’s names.
  • Days of the week– The days of the week will be listed at the top. Under this will be columns of the key and the corresponding day. You can then fill in the weekly table according to the key.
  • Clear and simple– Make the table clear and simple so that it can be filled in easily. It should be easy to consult later on as well. You may format the template so that it looks good.

Advantages of the template:

A weekly attendance report template has the following advantages:

  • Allows the teacher to have proof of all student’s attendance.
  • Can be consulted whenever required for any purpose.
  • Let the teacher know which students are attending and which ones are not. Action can be taken towards students who are constantly not attending.
  • It will not be confusing like a yearly attendance report template as it is a weekly one.

Final Words:

A weekly attendance report template is a helpful template for a teacher. It lets them save student’s attendance on a weekly basis. This report can be printed out for the full month and filled in daily.



Weekly attendance report template


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