Weekly Time Record Sheet Template

Some offices record the timings of the staff. They record when each staff member arrives and till what time they work. This is important as according to some laws; the staff needs to get paid for working above their stated timings. Instead of facing problems, later, an office or organization should daily record the timings of their staff.

What is a Weekly Time Record Sheet Template?

A weekly time record sheet template is a document that saves the timings of employees whether these are regular and overtime hours, for a week.


What to include in the template?

If you need to create a weekly time record sheet template, you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– This template can be filled in in Microsoft Excel. Here you can do any required calculations.
  • Heading– The heading of the template will be “Weekly Time Record Sheet” or something like this.
  • Company Name– Write the name of the company.
  • Contact Details- This includes the street address, city, ZIP Code, etc.
  • Employee– You need to state the name of the employee clearly so that you know whose timesheet it is.
  • Manager– The name of the manager can also be given.
  • Employee Details– This includes their phone number and email address.
  • Week Ending– It is necessary to know what week the record sheet is for.
  • Table– A table having columns for Day, Project Name, Task, Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, and Total will be made. The day column will have the days of the week along with the dates. You should state what project the employee was involved in and the task as well in these columns. Fill in the regular hours carefully as well as overtime hours. This will let you and the employee know when there were any overtime hours. The total column will have the total hours for the specific day. These columns will make it clear to the employee and yourself whenever they worked overtime and when they worked in the regular hours.
  • Total Hours– There will be a row of total hours at the bottom of the table. This will calculate the total hours of the regular hours and overtime hours and both of these combined as well.
  • Signatures– It is important to have the signature of the employee and manager as well.
  • Date– The date the record sheet was signed can also be stated.

Advantages of the template:

A weekly time record sheet template has the following advantages:

  • Allows the employer to have a record of the hours worked by each employee.
  • It can be consulted later on if the employee has issues, such as if they feel they are not being paid for the hours they work.

Final Words:

A weekly time record sheet template is necessary for an office that wants to record the timings of their employees. This can then be used to pay them accordingly. It can be made for a week so that it is clear.



Weekly time record sheet template


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