Vacation Budget Planner Template

Going on a vacation is fun, refreshing, and relaxing. Whenever we have the chance, we all wish to enjoy a wonderful vacation. If you want to enjoy yourself, then you need to plan the holiday so that you do not face problems later on.

What is a Vacation Budget Planner Template?

A vacation budget planner is a planner that lets you effectively plan a vacation inside a budget. You can note down different expenses that will occur and plan accordingly.

If you need to make a vacation budget planner template, you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– Microsoft Excel allows you to carefully plan a vacation with the help of calculators and graphs. You can simply figure out where you can spend money and where to avoid doing so.
  • Heading– Give the template a heading so that when you refer to it, later on, you know what it is for. The heading can be “Vacation Budget Planner.” This may be in a bigger and prominent font.
  • Budget per Category– The first table will state how much you can spend on different categories of the vacation. In the first column will be the different categories. This includes transportation, lodging, food, activities, souvenirs, others, contingency fund. At the bottom will be Total Budget.
  • Planned Budget– In this column, you will state how much you plan to spend on each category. Write this in figures.
  • Budget in Detail– This column will state how much each category actually costs. This will also be in numbers.
  • Available/Over– In this column, the planned budget will be subtracted from the budget in detail of all the categories. It will tell you how much you will have left and what things your budget is not enough for.
  • Total Budget– At the end of each column, the total budget will be calculated.
  • Expense Details– This will be the next table. It will have the column of description. In this, you will state the airfare, bus, and taxi, hotel, food, etc. State for how many days as well, next to the description. You will type in any expense items here, and for how many days it is needed. The next column is for the category. Next, to the description, you will state what category it is in. This will be transportation, lodging, food, activities, etc. The next column is for Quantity. It will tell how many you need of each description, like 3 airfare tickets, etc. after this will be the Unit Cost column and then the Amount column.
  • Graph– You can get a graph plotted of the budget in detail and available/over columns. This can easily show you the budget details.
  • Images– To make the template look attractive, fresh images can be added. This includes things like a car, airplane, boat.

Advantages of a Vacation Budget Planner Template:

  • Lets you plan a vacation according to your budget.

Final Words:


A vacation budget planner allows you to enjoy your vacation according to how much you can spend.



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